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Store Infrastructure

Introduction to Store Infrastructure

Let's zoom in on your stores, regardless of the physical layout, we need to set some things to make EVA run smoothly. We group these things in a Station. Think of a Station as a collection of peripherals to be used with our POS or handheld applications. The necessary peripherals would then include, but are not limited to:

  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Pin terminal
  • Cash drawer
  • Safe

In general, POS is bound to a specific station however, our handheld applications allow you to select a station. For example, when you're performing a print job you can pick the one closest to where you are in a store.

Following this idea, you have complete freedom in constructing strategic places in your store for printing jobs or quick and easy payments.

Live Guard I/O

In order to connect your in-store devices to EVA, we recommend you use our hardware I/O solution; Live Guard.