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Be sure to check out the BLACKBOOK for our philosophy!

This appendix is for the more practical stuff, the starting area for your new legendary questline! Find the resources you need and come meet us in Slack, Discord, Zoom, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, at the coffee machine... Anywhere!

You may have noticed our company is a little different. We're weird in the sense that you don't really have a boss or manager, you don't register hours or vacations, and we don't really hold your hand and tell you where to go. We've embraced Holacracy (like Valve) and we all try to do what is best for New Black.

Let this page be the first and last thing to boss you around; from now on, you decide what is best for you and for New Black. Raise tensions! Create bugs! Fix bugs! Eat lunch! And don't forget to breathe - you're in for quite a ride.



In addition to the previously mentioned necessities, you might want to sort these out as well:

  • Ways of transportation - our office is accessible with public transportation or by car, we can provide you with a public transportation card or a parking card
  • Credit card - some roles might require a credit card, you can ask Steven for one
  • Home office setup - since you get to decide where you work, you might want to work from home. We can shower you with the best home office setup you can imagine. We can provide a desk, a very nice office chair, a MacBook, a headset to go along with your Macbook, and a bad-ass coffee machine for your caffeinating needs.