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Development Examples

Small, modular EVA frontend examples

We are working on several development examples that can both act as usable EVA frontends as well as extremely concise development examples to provide guidelines for similar development projects.


All examples are provided in typescript and built with NextJS 13. Additionally, each example makes use of Lyra UI, a design system and component library we developed in-house, making sure styling adjustments can be used accross all examples to ensure a consistent look-and-feel.



Coming soon



Install Node.js and run our dedicated terminal command:

npx create-eva@latest

This command will prompt you to select which project you want to clone and ask followup questions. We will always ask you for your endpoint, make sure to have that readily available. We expect your endpoint in the following format:

  • https://{region}.{customer}.{target}

After provisioning the project, install the required packages:

npm install

Good to Go! Serve your project locally by running:

npm run dev

Happy coding!