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Locking across Apps

While there are some variations when it comes to logging in, all lock and log out options are the same across our various Apps.

There are two ways of securing physical access to the different Apps: by means of lock and/or log out.


The former entails locking one of the front ends after a designated amount of time. Although the user will have to login again, by means of a PIN code for example, the user isn't technically logged out - at least not from a back-end perspective. This means that once the user logs in again, the session itself is continued and the user can continue where they left off.

The time after which a user gets locked out can be influenced by means of the following App setting:

  • App:Session:LockTimeout
  • Specified in seconds
  • Default value at 60 seconds

Due to its default value, all Apps will adhere to these 60 seconds. Aside from the three Suite Apps, it's possible to change this value per App, so to have the Suite Apps lock after 30 seconds and POS after 60 for example.

Timeout behavior in Suite Apps

The Suite Apps share login sessions, this means that session timeout times are reset as you switch between Apps.

Log out

Contrary to the above App setting, the SessionDuration setting is not just a front-end lock, but a complete logout. This means the user is completely logged out, regardless of any front-end settings or lock-outs.

There are two versions of this setting:

  • Both are specified in minutes
  • SessionDuration:Employee which is specifically catered to employee accounts
  • Default value 120
  • SessionDuration:Default which includes all users (including customers via your webshop)
  • Default value 1440

By using this setting with a value of 12 hours (value 720) for example, you can ensure everyone starts fresh every day and prevent situations where users are logged in indefinitely in public areas.