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Return reasons

This chapter gives you an overview of your existing return reasons for both organization and customer, and allows you to manage them (add, delete and edit).

The return reasons seen or added here will be the return reasons available and visible for a user performing a return, whether that user is handling customer order returns, or returns pertaining to stock replenishments, shipments, etc...

The return reasons prompted to the user will depend on the type of return being performed.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the RefundCorrectionReasons and ReturnReasons permissions.

Organization return reasons

This card pertains to organization return reasons i.e. from one organization unit to another (example: store to warehouse).

Customer return reasons

This card pertains to customer order return reasons i.e. from customer to organization unit (example: customer to store).

Create return reason

When adding ('+') a return reason of type organization or customer, your overlay window prompt will be the same. A Name, Description, Backend ID, and the Organization unit(s) are the required fields to be filled. You can choose a single organization unit or a set (multiple) when adding a return reason. Your choice here specifies which organization unit(s) this return reason would be visible and available for.

Further, the Name field is what users will be seeing when choosing a return reason.