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An introduction to orders

'Orders' is a broad subject within the context of EVA. In this introduction, we will lay out all facets one by one, to give you a basic understanding of what an order is, what it can be, what stages they go through and how you can affect them.


First off, let's make a general division between 'orders' and 'baskets', where a basket is an order that's not yet 'placed'. The order being a basket is the very first step of the order process. As soon as a customer lands on a website, or a product is scanned on POS, a basket is created. We can put products in the basket, apply discounts or attach a customer. After any of these steps, the order will remain a basket. After your basket is complete, it's time to place the order, effectively raising the basket to be an order. When doing this, we check whether the order has all information that's necessary. We check whether the order is 'ready to become an actual, full-fledged order'.

After the order is placed there's several steps we go through, which usually follow each other up in a specific order.


First off, payment. When the order has all necessary information, payment can be performed. Based on the order information, EVA can check what payment methods are available. After payment is complete, the order will be marked as being paid.


After an order is paid, it's generally time to ship the order. Shipment is again a very broad term; when a customer buys something over-the-counter we speak of a shipment, but if a customer orders something that needs to be sent out by a warehouse across the country, we still talk about shipment. What we need to remember is that 'shipment' refers to the products effectively ending up in the customer's hands.

As soon as an order is shipped out we consider it to be 'shipped'. From that point onwards, it's the courier's responsibility.


The minute an order is both paid for and shipped, we generate an invoice. The transaction has seen both it's goods shipped out and payment made, so the invoice can be made.