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Introduction to Checkout


Checkout is a crucial stage in any customer journey, one that can either boost conversion rates and reduce your abandoned basket percentage or have a negative impact on those metrics. So, let’s give checkout the attention it deserves.

Once a customer selects a product or service from your catalog, the Checkout stage begins. In this stage, the customer moves from the basket or order overview flow, to making checkout-related choices. These choices include selecting the preferred payment method, shipment method (if applicable), providing contact details (such as name, email, shipping/billing address, etc.), choosing invoice/receipt printing/emailing preference, and more, collectively referred to as Checkout options.

Here we’ll cover the aspects of checkout options and a few other EVA out-of-the-box flows that impact the checkout process.


The Basket represents the current order. This is the main tool for assembling your customer's order.

Checkout Options

Checkout options are features and functionalities that can be added to customize each customer's order based on your business and their specific preferences. These options can be utilized during the checkout process

Unified Commerce

We assemble all the out-of-the-box order flow you'd need for your Unified Commerce experience into EVA. The customer-centric approach allows businesses to adapt to change and create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


This is where you can discover all the payment methods supported by EVA, configure coupons and discounts, and integrate giftcards from your giftcard provider.

Statuses and Types

Take complete control over your orders and tailor them to fit your business and store requirements. This is where you can learn about different order-related statuses and types.


You begin the checkout flow with a basket. A basket serves as your workspace for assembling an order, like adding products, applying discounts, attaching a customer, and more. Once you've finalized that, an order can then be placed, moving you through the checkout-related steps. This is a pivotal stage in your customer's journey, where a sales is finalized through actions such as payment, receipt printing or emailing, signing up for a loyalty program, and more.

Take a look at our frontend Apps manuals for a glimpse of how this would look like: