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Amazon Pay

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Amazon Pay

Payment service provider

Amazon Pay is a large payment provider that allows its users to pay with their Amazon account and its stored payment methods at external merchant websites. EVA's integration with Amazon's API services supports online payments and in-store refunds.

Configuring Amazon Pay requires an Amazon account, filling in some settings and one simple EVA service.

Configuration in EVA


AmazonPay:RegionThe payment region your Amazon Pay Merchant account is registered in. (Default = Europe)
AmazonPay:PublicKeyIdAuthorization API key
AmazonPay:PrivateKeyAuthorization API key

These keys can be found in your Amazon Pay account.

You also need to set your IPN endpoint on Amazon to '{your-api-endpoint}/amazonpay/notifications'.

Setting up Payment Methods

Create a payment method and type called AMAZONPAY in your Payment methods. Set it up for use with refunds.

Pushing payments

Now that your payments have been set up, you just have to configure how to push these payments into EVA. Once pushed in, the consumers' payments will be available for refunds in stores.

In this case we'd use PushSalesOrder like so:

Amount = 30,
Method = "AMAZONPAY",
BackendID = "S05-490782368-9923838" // this is the TransactionID of the Charge