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Gift card Payments

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Gift card Payments

Paying with gift cards

This page covers everything you need to know about accepting gift cards as a payment method, including information on refunds and additional options to customize based on your business needs.

Accepting gift cards as payment

To start, make sure there is a gift card configuration in place that allows for payments (usage type Payment). This can be done in Admin Suite through the Financials module, in the Payment methods chapter.

Once that is in place, we can create the following payment method under the Gift card Payment Type:

Under Options, we can slightly customize our payment method. Just make sure to select your previously configured gift card configuration from the Gift card configuration dropdown list.

The Organization unit settings card lets you fine-tune the use of this payment method across your OUs.

Refunding on Digital gift card product

By selecting a DGC in this overview, you can indicate that the underlying payment type must be refunded on that specific product. In practice this means that the Autorefund for an order - paid with this payment type - will always lead to the issuing of a new gift card product for the customer.

Adyen Gift card

When using the Adyen SVS gift card, the payment will run via the Adyen payment methods, such as Adyen_CheckoutAPI_GiftCard

Gift cards are available as a payment option in the Companion App, POS and Checkout App.

Refunding gift cards

Refunding gift cards is a straightforward process when you have a receipt or the original order, see here. Whether or not the card is refundable depends on the gift card provider's business rules.

To initiate the refund process for gift cards, whether you have a receipt or the original order, you can create a return order. The simplest approach is to find the original order and create a refund directly. This will trigger a refund of the balance to the original card. This applies to both physical and digital gift cards.

To initiate the return of physical gift cards without a receipt or original order, simply scan or enter the card's serial number to created return order. It's important to note that physical gift cards are activated upon shipment or handover to the customer, making it possible for deactivation upon return. However, once a card has been used, deactivation is no longer possible.

If you need to initiate the return of digital gift cards without a receipt or the original order, there are a few additional steps to consider.


If you're selling digital gift cards in a country that mandates refunds without requiring a receipt or the original order, see the steps in Refunding a digital gift card.

Additional settings

Emptying gift cards on payment

EVA lets you define a threshold for when gift cards can be emptied. If we put our threshold to 100 (100 cents), anytime a card is used for a payment that would leave less than a hundred cents remaining, the card would be emptied completely.

You can adjust this by changing the value of the setting GiftCards:MaximumOverPaymentInCents to a desire numeric amount in cents.

Deny paying for gift cards with gift cards

You can prevent gift cards being paid for by means of gift cards, by setting GiftCards:Payment:DenyPayingForGiftCards to true. Mind that this setting is applicable only to the generic APIGIFTCARD handler.