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The Orders menu gives you an overview of all orders associated with your OU, sorted by creation date by default.

The overview also has a simple search field, much like the product search we discussed before. Search possibilities include, but are not limited to: order number, customer name or e-mail and product names. Additionally, we provide a set of filters in the right side pane to narrow your search.

IPad Pro screen

Order detail

Tapping any order in this overview will open up some order details in the side pane.

IPad Pro screen

In addition to these details, we can add a customer to the order if none is attached yet. It is also possible to start a return order based on this order from the details side pane. If the order is not yet completed, we can resume the order instead.


Based on the setting App:Order:MaxLineCount you can display a warning that the number of order lines exceeds the limit and it's best to use Admin Suite. The setting's default value is 50.

More info

The top bar in the details side contains two buttons. The Print/mail button will allow you to (re)print some order documents. The Order info button will open a popup containing a load of additional information for the order.

IPad Pro screen