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Overview and mutations

The Overview and mutations chapter in Admin Suite is one all-encompassing overview of your stock across your various labels and how it will change.

Stock overview

The Stock overview screen starts off empty. Add an OU (set) of your choice to display all stock - whether available or not - on that OU.

Filter tips

Split organization units
When selecting an OU set, you may want to enable the Split organization units, this will include the names of the various OUs in your overview. The products will then be grouped together by OU.

Include zero quantity products
By including this, your overview will include products without any quantity. These may be products which were included in your assortment previously for example.

The overview that follows is comprehensive and you can get even more information by means of the following icons:

  • 'i' icon in the Quantity committed column - this will display the related orders that generated the quantity
    • Take note that this column is only displayed when it pertains to a specific OU or Split organization units is active
  • 'i' icon in the Cost column - this will display the Produced cost price ledger, giving you access to the product's cost price on this OU and allowing you to correct the price
  • 'looking glass' icon in the Action column - this will display the stock mutation history

Choice of ID

You can change what kind of Product ID is displayed.

You can get even more data by downloading it via the 'download' icon.

The first option Download overview will allow for a direct download of an Excel file, containing the following columns:

Columns in Excel
  • OrganizationUnitID
  • OrganizationUnitName
  • ProductID
  • CustomID
  • BackendID
  • Barcode
  • Description
  • StockLabel
  • Quantity
  • QuantityCommitted
  • QuantityAvailable
  • UnitCost
  • UnitPrice
  • TotalUnitCost

The second option Download FIFO overview will generate an email towards your email adress. Keep in mind that this download option is dependent on the following:

  • FIFO needs to be enabled on that specific OU (set)
  • The corresponding template needs to be enabled and configured

If you've got everything set, the Excel in the generated email will contain the following columns:

Columns in FIFO Excel
  • OrganizationUnitID
  • OrganizationBackendID
  • OrganizationName
  • CompanyID
  • CompanyBackendID
  • CompanyName
  • ProductID
  • ProductBackendID
  • ProductPrimitiveName
  • ProductBarcode
  • BrandID
  • BrandBackendID
  • BrandName
  • StockLabelID
  • StockLabelName
  • CurrencyID
  • UnitCost
  • TotalQuantity
  • TotalAmount

To be able to use the functionality in the Stock overview tab, you will need the following permissions:

  • Stock.View - for displaying the entire tab or not
  • OrganizationUnitSets.View - for access to the OUs in the dropdown menu
  • CostPrices.View - for downloading the FIFO overview and price information in the tab
  • StockMutations - for displaying the icon in the Quantity committed column

Permissions are managed from the Roles and rights chapter namely, from the Functionalities card of a users role.

Stock mutations

Unlike the Stock overview page, all products will be displayed here directly. This allows you to make optimal use of all filters - without having to select an OU and/or product first.

You can check which order caused each stock mutation by clicking the 'arrow' icon in the Order column.

To that end, you can use the 'download template' icon to download a template. This will allow you to enter the following data:

  • ProductID
  • ProductBackendID
  • QuantityOnHand
  • StockMutationReasonID
  • Remark

Afterwards you can specify the following information in the Upload stock mutation modal and then upload the Excel template filled with your new stock mutations.

Details about the Upload stock mutation modal
Field nameDescription
Organization unitSelect the organization unit for which you would like to upload a stock mutation file
Stock labelSelect the stock label on which you would like to conduct a stock mutation file upload on
Backend system IDFill in as you deem fit
EmailWill default to the email of the logged-in user. However, you can change it, as you please
Set missing products to 0This will consider the uploaded file as a full stock mutation correction.

In other words, any missing products from the file where a stock mutation existed (in the specified organization unit), will be automatically set to zero.

To be able to use the functionality in the Stock mutations tab, you will need:

  • StockMutations.View - for displaying the entire tab or not
  • StockMutations.Create - for displaying the 'upload' icon
  • Orders.View - for displaying the navigation icon in the Orders column
  • MassStockUpdate - for using the Upload Excel functionality