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Introduction to Tasks

The Tasks module is the place where you can manage and execute tasks - which are generally managed from the Companion App or Tasks App - from the comfort of your browser. This module was originally introduced for customers which hadn't implemented the Companion App yet, but is now an indispensable complement to the handy-dandy mobile applications.

The Tasks module is subdivided into several chapters, as seen in the sidebar:

  • Ship from store
  • Incoming shipment
  • Reservation cleanup
  • Reservations
  • Repairs
  • Print
  • Cycle counts
    • Cycle count zones
    • Cycle count zone groups
    • Zoned cycle counts scheduled
    • Zoned cycle counts
  • Full stock count
  • Custom fields

Use the Organization unit picker in the sidebar to zoom in on the tasks of an OU.

You can close the sidebar at any time by clicking the '<' icon at the bottom of the sidebar.


You can manage which tasks an employee (read: role) is supposed to access by means of the following functionalities. These all have the Manage scope only, meaning that if the role has it, its attached users will be able view, create and interact with the task in general.

If the role does not have the functionality, the corresponding tab will still be visible, but devoid of tasks.

Functionalities with their corresponding user tasks
  • Functionality: HandleStockReservationTasks
    • UserTask: StockReservation
  • Functionality: HandleReservationCleanupTasks
    • UserTask: ReservationCleanup
  • Functionality: HandleReservationDeviationTasks
    • UserTask: ReservationDeviation
  • Functionality: HandleZonedCycleCountPreCountTasks
    • UserTask: ZonedCycleCountPreCount
  • Functionality: HandleStockReplenishmentTasks
    • UserTask: StockReplenishment
  • Functionality: HandleReceiveShipmentTasks
    • UserTask: ReceiveShipment
  • Functionality: HandleStockMovementFollowUpTasks
    • UserTask: StockMovementFollowUp
  • Functionality: HandleShipFromStoreTasks
    • UserTask: ShipFromStore
  • Functionality: HandleReturnToSupplierTasks
    • UserTask: ReturnToSupplier
  • Functionality: ExecuteZonedCycleCounts
    • UserTask: ZonedCycleCount
  • Functionality: FullStockCount
    • UserTask: FullStockCount
  • Functionality: FullStockCountLabel
    • UserTask: FullStockCountLabel
  • Functionality: PrintTask
    • UserTask: Print
  • Functionality: PriceLabels
    • UserTask: PrintPriceLabel
  • Functionality: CustomUserTasks
    • UserTask: Custom
  • Functionality: FullStockCount
    • UserTask: SecondChanceProductRegistration
  • Functionality: Repairs
    • UserTask: Repair