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🇳🇴 Norway

This document describes all necessary configuration for a compliant setup in Norway.


In order to configure your store in Norway to be compliant, the following configurations need to take place.


All settings below should be set on the most convenient level possible. In other words, if your organization structure has a country organization which houses all Norwegian stores, then that's where they should go.

Auditing:AllowMultipleDuplicatesfalseNo more than 1 reprint is allowed in Norway.
Auditing:PrivateKeyBlobIDSee belowBlob containing the private key to sign the invoice/receipt documents with. Is set by using the AuditingSetPrivateKey service.
Auditing:ProviderNORWAYSets the certified aspects.
Auditing:UseNopeCat25000Max value of an order.
RequiredData:MaximumOrderAmounttrue or falseOptional, if you set this to true EVA will print out a receipt with a "nope cat" instead of giving an error when trying multiple reprints.
Checking missed configuration(s)

Once you're done with all configuration steps. Make sure to run the service: AuditingValidateConfiguration which should return any step(s) that you may have missed or possibly undocumented.

Public and private key

You'll need to reach out to us to generate a public and private key. Once you have these, you can follow the steps below.

Private key

To set the private key the service AuditingSetPrivateKey can be used. This will upload the private key file and also increment the version setting automagically. It will also update the setting Auditing:PrivateKeyBlobID. We will have this setup done for you at the start of the project.

Public key

The public key should be uploaded to EVA via the StoreBlob service. Please note that the blob needs to have an "OriginalName" otherwise, it'll expire immediately. We will get this done for you at the start.

The public key should be shared with the authorities whenever they ask for it, so they can verify signatures.


When configuring your Norwegian organization unit(s), a company needs to be attached. If there isn't a Norwegian company present yet, a new one can be created within Admin Suite under the Companies chapter. The following fields need be filled:

  • Name
  • VatNumber (should be a 9 digit code)
  • TaxRegistrationNumber (should be a 9 digit code)
  • Address (VisitorAddress)
    • Street
    • HouseNumber
    • ZipCode
    • City
    • CountryID

Organization unit

Once a company is in place, you need to attach it to an organization unit(s).

Make sure the following fields are filled when creating an organization unit:

  • Name
  • Address
    • City
    • Number
    • Region
    • Street
    • PostalCode
    • CountryID
  • CompanyID

It is crucial that you have the CompanyID field filled when creating the organization unit. You can retrieve this ID from the Norwegian company you created/have. This is the legal entity under which this OU/store is operating and will be referred to when filling in the details on the invoices and receipts.

Ecom organization units

For web shop/ecom organization units, additional considerations are needed on the OU level as follows:

  • The setting AutoOpenCloseFinancialPeriod must be set to true.
  • The setting Auditing:Provider remains NORWAY as earlier advised under settings.
  • The setting Auditing:IncludeWebShopForAudits must be set to true.
  • The organization unit is set to "Open".
  • The web shop organization unit must be attached to the Norweigan company.
  • The financial period of the webshop OU must be set to "Open".
  • The following tasks need to be set up:
    • EVA.Core.Finance.Periods.AutoOpenCloseFinancialPeriod
    • EVA.Auditing.Tasks.CreateFinancialPeriodAuditTask (For this one, please input the Norweigan web shop/ecom OU ID in the designated field).

Stencil for Certified invoices

For configuration and more details about Certified Invoices please refer to the general concepts section under Certified invoice stencil for thermal &/or PDF . A separate stencil is required to set up the email in which a certified invoice would be attached to. Configurations for such stencil can be found under Email invoice stencil.

Sample PDF and thermal receipts