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Scanning in the App Suite

All Suite Apps have scanning functionality incorporated to make your life easier. You can scan barcodes and QR codes for products, shipments, customer tags, etcetera.

There's basically two ways you can make use of scanning, either with the Apple scanner or with Scandit, which requires a license. There's also two ways for EVA to handle a successful scan.

Scanning provider

Our advised scanner is Scandit.

There are two relevant settings to configuring your scanner:

  • App:Scanner:Provider which can be set to either apple or scandit
  • App:Scandit:LicenseKey lets you specify your Scandit license key

You can have both a Scandit license key set and yet use the Apple scanner by specifying Apple in App:Scanner:Provider.

The Apple scanner should currently only be used experimentally, to gauge its development, or if you're currently unable to use Scandit. The latter is also the reason for the Apple scanner being our default scanner - despite us not recommending it currently. EVA defaults to this scanner when no Scandit license key is set or if its specifically configured so in the first setting.

Apple scanner requirements

Only Apple devices with an A12 CPU are capable of using the Apple scanner. In practice this means that only iPhones which are >= XS model are suitable.

Action upon scanning

You can configure EVA to do one of two things when you successfully scan an item:

  • Go to details
    • When you scan an item, the product will pop up and allow you to open its Product detail page
    • Configure by setting App:ScanTarget to 0
    • This is the default in both the Tasks and Loyalty App
  • Add to basket
    • When you scan an item, it will be put in your basket
    • Configure by setting App:ScanTarget to 1
    • This is the default in the Checkout App
Choice of ProductID

You can change what kind of Product ID is displayed in the product modal.

Change scanner sounds

It is possible to change the scanning sounds for both valid and invalid scans from your iPhones Apple settings. Steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Tap the Apple settings icon on your iPhone
  • Step 2: Look for the desired Suite App and tap
  • Step 3: Slide to the bottom fo the screen to the two fields called Valid Scan Sound and Invalid Scan Sound.
  • Step 4: Tap the desired one(s) for a list of possible sounds to choose from.

Changing the scan sound for one App will change it across all Suite Apps.