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Local mode

Running on EVA Live Guard

Ideally, all stores would be connected to the Internet - and EVA - at all times. Since this is unlikely however, we've prepared ourselves for this with Live Guard. With Live Guard, even when losing Internet connection, your store will be able to keep its core functionality going.

Below you can find an overview of the Companion specific functionality which will work and what specifically will not work.

FunctionalitySupportedNot supported
Scanning productsV
Product search pageV
Navigation to the Product detail page from the search pagex
Product search suggestionsx
Order details pageV
Attaching customer to orderx
Creating returns (Orders/Order lines)x
Attach shopping cart to orderx
Creating shipmentsx
Shipments listx
Editing wish listsx
Order payment listx
Order search pageV
Basket pagex
Coupon codesx
Manual discountsx
Changing line action typex
Checkout pageV
Basic checkout (with line action type 3)V
Anything customer-related in the checkoutx
Order options in checkout (these are hidden)x
Opening the cash drawerx
Looking for local mode on POS?

POS has its own set of functionalities which are available when it can't reach EVA Cloud.