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Zebra printer

Zebra printers are barcode and label printers which are easy to use often used in combination with EVA.


A WiFi enabled Zebra printer is setup easily in the Infrastructure chapter in Suite's Control room. Device type ZPL.

NameWhatever you want.
Device backend IDWhatever you want.
Device typeZebra printer
IP addresstcp:// + device IP + :9100
Example: tcp://

Zebra programming language

The creation of a PriceLabel Stencil (not to be confused with ProductPriceLabel) is done in the Zebra ZPL programming language, which is different from our regular stencils.

To help out with this, here's an example of a PriceLabel template configured on a Zebra printer. Put the Destination to PDF.

^FX bar code section

^FX OriginalPrice/Season section
^FO135,143,0^FDPrix Conseille^FS
^FO160,189,0^FD{{>CurrencyID}} {{:~getRecommendedRetailPrice(RecommendedRetailPrice)}}^FS

^FX OutletPrice section
^FO210,175,0^FDPrix Outlet^FS
^FO235,189,0^FD{{>CurrencyID}} {{:~getOriginalPrice(OriginalPrice,Price)}}^FS

^FX CurrentPrice section
^FO285,174,0^FDPrix Actuel^FS
^FO310,189,0^FD{{>CurrencyID}} {{:~getPrice(OriginalPrice,Price)}}^FS