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Barcode Scanning Software

Scandit is a company specialized in Enterprise-Grade Scanning on Smart Devices. We use Scandit's scanning software in our applications.


There's a couple different applications we have for Scandit's scanning technologies within our applications.

Companion scanner

First off, our Companion Application relies on the ability to scan products. Scan products to add them to the basket, to perform a cycle count or to reserve them for pickup orders.

Companion scanner for POS

Secondly, Companion can be paired to a POS in order to use the phone as a fixed or handheld scanner for POS. In this scenario, you can opt to use either the front or back camera by default.

Matrix scanning

Matrix scanning is a new development where it's possible to scan multiple barcodes at once. This is useful when having to scan multiple products, or when looking for a specific product in a big pile of barcodes.

POS scanner

Lastly, we support some scanning functionalities on POS itself, using the front camera. More on that can be found here.


In order to be able to use Scandit's functionalities, the following settings need to be specified.

App:Scandit:AppKeyYour Scandit license key.
App:Scandit:LicenseKeyYour Scandit license key if working with ABM. If not provided, it will fall back to App:Scandit:AppKey
App:Scandit:WorkingRangeThe desired working range for your scanner.
- 0 = Normal
- 1 = Long
App:Scandit:DefaultScannerEither front or back, which camera to use by default when using Companion as a scanner for POS.
App:Scandit:EnableMatrixWhether to enable matrix scanning (default value is false).
App:Scanner:SupportedSymbologiesDefaults to ean13,ean8,upce,code39,code128,i2of5,dataMatrix,qr,pdf417,aztec.
Scandit key generation

Generally we advise entering into Scandit contract negotiations via New Black, but this is not a necessity. After you have made an agreement with Scandit however, New Black takes over the actual key generation to ensure they match perfectly with our Apps and your desired Scandit features. The resulting keys will then be transferred to you for use in your settings in your Production environments.