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Managing tasks decline reasons

Reasons are configurable throughout EVA and the same goes for reasons for declining tasks, only this kind of reason has its own dedicated chapter in the Tasks module.

Located within the Control module, the Reasons chapter is accessible under the Tasks tab.

  • Deleting, Editing, or Translating them using the corresponding icons next to each task decline reason.
  • Adding new reasons by clicking the corresponding '+' icon.

The functionality in this chapter is mostly similar to the other Reasons chapters.

EVA comes preconfigured with a bunch of user task decline reasons. These are displayed as being part of the System. You can start creating your own decline reasons by clicking the '+' icon, which will open up a new creation page.

After setting a Name, you can indicate in what User task type (such as SFS or RTS) you want the task decline reason to be available. If the task includes subtypes, then a new field will pop up where you can select the necessary subtype.

It's possible to make your task decline reasons differ per OU, by creating it multiple times.

After creating your task decline reason, you can view and edit its detail by clicking the 'pencil' icon from the overview. This can only be done for non-system created reasons hence, 'pencil' icon will not be displayed for system task decline reasons.