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Shipment packaging

Package types

Using this service you are able to create, update and delete shipment package types based on length, width, height and weight. What you create here will also be visible for you in the dropdown list under the shipments tab in the order overview chapter.


To create a shipment packaging type, use CreatePackage.

"Description": "Box (Medium) ",
"Length": 700
"Width": 300
"Height": 300
"Weight": 300,


This package type along with all others created (if any) can now be fetched using GetPackages.




If you wish to modify an existing packaging type, then you can take care of that using UpdatePackages to update it.

"ID": 2
"Description": "Box (Medium) ",
"Length": 700
"Width": 400
"Height": 400
"Weight": 400,


If you no longer need a packaging type, use DeletePackage to get it removed.

"ID": "1"

Add packages to carriers

After having created your packages, you'll still have to manually add the packages you want to use to your carriers. This way you can finetune which carriers take which packages.

The easiest flow for this is to:

  1. Use ListCarriers to find your carrier ID.
  2. Use GetPackages to find the ID(s) of the package(s) you're looking for.
  3. Set AddPackagesToCarrier with the IDs out of both services and choose if you want to make this the default package.
Shipcloud exclusive property

You might have noticed us glossing over the Code property. This is intentional because it's used for integrations with Shipcloud specifically.