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Gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping is a feature that enables users to apply gift wrapping during checkout. Additionally, a greeting card with text can be added to the gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping has to be enabled by creating a checkout option.

Once a gift wrapping checkout option has been configured, the corresponding tile will appear in the checkout menu (possibly within a category if so configured).

Excluding products from gift wrapping

You may not want all your products to be available for gift wrapping. To specify those products you want to exclude, add the following property to a product: exclude_from_giftwrapping.

You can do so via the usual services such as ImportProducts.

Wrapping options

When selecting Gift Wrapping, you get prompted with a menu where the products that can be wrapped can be selected. This selection is given through call GetAvailableGiftWrappingLinesForOrder. While in this menu, you can also use Add greeting card to select and add a single card to your order.

There's two options available for fine-tuning your wrapping. You can either:

  • create a single gift wrap set;
  • wrap everything separately.

When selecting products with a quantity higher than 1, the amount to be wrapped can be specified. By default, the selection applies to the full quantity.

It is currently not possible to make variations in the gift wrapping for a single order. Basically you can only have 1 gift wrapping set, with whatever products you'd like to include, and remaining products are not wrapped, or you can wrap all products separately.

After configuring your wrapping and potentially a greeting card, you are sent back to the checkout menu. The gift wrapping tile now displays the amount of products that are to be wrapped. If you change any of the product quantities in your basket, the gift wrapping calculation will be updated simultaneously.

Wrapping costs

As for gift wrapping costs, by default these are set to 0. You can however set the base cost for wrapping a single item by specifying an amount in GiftWrapping:BaseCosts. This setting needs to be on a country OU (for currency reasons). This amount will then be multiplied by the number of gift wraps in the order, which will then be displayed in a line above the delivery costs.

If products are wrapped separately, costs will be incurred per wrapped item. If two products are wrapped together, it counts as a single wrapped item.

Code sample

The code sample of the service SetGiftWrappingOptionsOnOrder shows you how the gift wrapping service is processed.

"OrderID": 20,
"WrapOrder": "false", //Wrap the entire order?
"WrapIndividually": "true", //Wrap the products individually?
"GiftWraps": //Specify what combination of products are wrapped together and in what quantities.
"GreetingCardProductID": "15", //You can search for the desired greeting card here.
"Message": "Thank you", // Message for this specific greeting card
"OrderLineID":3, //Add a giftcard for this specific order line.
"Quantity":1, //How many products on this order line have to be wrapped?
"GreetingCardProductID": //Used if you want one giftcard for the entire order.
"Message": //Message for the one giftcard.