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Control room

Control, check and influence ops

EVA is vast, spanning several apps and admins. To facilitate control over all of it, this chapter contains all of the functionality that allows you to check and influence your operations.

Control room

The aptly named Control room module in Admin Suite contains most of the functionality you need to make changes to your environment, or even across environments.


Use Settings to view and change settings which expand across your entire environment.

App settings

The App settings on the other hand allow you to finetune settings across apps, like the POS or Companion.


By using Monitors you can check up on some areas in your environment we think are important, but most notably you can create your own rules and conditions on whatever you deem worthy. Think for example orders which aren't sent out in time.


Synchronization allows you to export selected areas of EVA configuration from one environment to another.


Control what kind of access you want to allow in your environment.


You can either have users login with an email and password combination, as set in EVA, or you can let users authenticate themselves via Single sign-on.