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Global Blue

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Global Blue

Tax refunds for shopping abroad

GlobalBlue allows foreign customers to shop tax-free, by having their paid taxes refunded through GlobalBlue. We provide a soft integration with GlobalBlue where GlobalBlue provides a web form to the POS that handles all the input, validation and user data handling for the tax refund.

GlobalBlue:BaseUrlYour GlobalBlue BaseUrl.
GlobalBlue:DeskIDFetched from your GlobalBlue account.
GlobalBlue:EnabledWhether or not to enable GlobalBlue.
GlobalBlue:PasswordPassword for your GlobalBlue account.
GlobalBlue:ShopIDFetched from your GlobalBlue account.
GlobalBlue:UsernameUsername for your GlobalBlue account.

Enabling GlobalBlue will add a GlobalBlue tile to the POS checkout side pane, which is greyed out by default. Only if the attached customer's country is eligible for tax-free shopping AND the order exceeds EUR120, the button will activate. However, it is not automatically selected. This is generally done when so requested by the customer.

When selecting this tile, EVA POS will expose a GlobalBlue form directly after payment. Filling out the form and submitting it, triggers the GlobalBlue form to be printed on the thermal receipt printer. This receipt can be reprinted if desired.

Even if the payment's already been completed, the GlobalBlue tax form can still be issued. Simply open up the completed order and attach the customer in question; a button to start the flow will appear in the order detail page.


When returning products from a GlobalBlue order, the tax-free form will automatically be voided. Afterwards, the same flow will be enabled again, checking if the order's current products still meet the criteria for it and issuing a new form.