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Creating products

Even though EVA heavily uses products, we are not a Product Information Management system. We have tried making PIM a part of EVA but we find that there are other, third party, PIM systems out there that do a much better job.

Because of this, the preferred method of adding your products to EVA, is to import them from an external PIM system using our services.

Doing so, your external system will be your 'golden record', and EVA will be able to use your products accordingly. Any changes made to your products in your PIM can be synced to EVA by 'importing' your products again. To set up a relation between the product in your external system and the product in EVA, you use the product's ID in your external system to populate the BackendID for the EVA product.

You can configure your product content to ensure that your desired name, description, and images are displayed on the front end.