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Stock notifications

EVA supports setting stock notifications on out-of-stock items. When the product is restocked, we will send an e-mail to the customer for which the stock notification was set, on the exact moment specified in a recurring task.

Building notifications

Traditionally, stock notifications become available in e-commerce front ends whenever a product is out of stock. This means that this feature has to be custom built using our services. Read more here.

If CreateStockNotification fails or if App:Product:OrganizationUnitBackInStock is not configured, employees are notified.

Configure App:Product:OrganizationUnitBackInStock with the ID of the OU (type webshop) that represents the stock levels for delivery. This means that when someone places an order on that specific OU or an endless aisle order, the product availability is taken into account.

Enabling its setting

When there are no available stock, a 'bell' icon becomes visible. This setting is configured with the stock OU for deliveries.

Setting up the e-mail template

The Stencil template associated with this functionality is called StockNotification. This template will be sent out as soon as the product is back in stock and the recurring task is kicked off.

Language and Country must be left empty for StockNotification stencil.

Necessary recurring task

Stock notification aren't sent out immediately - the timing can be specified in a scheduled task. The task is called EVA.Core.StockNotifications.StockNotificationTask and has to be newly created. When the task is kicked off, EVA will go over all stock notifications and check whether an e-mail has to be sent OR if they can be deleted due to the set expiry interval.

Back in stock means that the product is either available for Delivery through a Webshop OU or for Pickup at a Shop OU. If no stock notification is received, you can resolve this by dealing with some pending reservation tasks or increase the ClickAndCollectTaskLimit in your settings.

Read more about availability here.

Stock notification expiration

An expiration time can be set for stock notification in the StockNotifications:ExpirationTimeInDays setting.