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Configuring Live Guard


Our Watchtowers are custom-built by OnLogic. The product number is NEWBLACK-CL210G-11. They cannot be publicly ordered, you need to contact our dedicated account manager at OnLogic, your Strategic Lead can provide you with their contact information.

These devices can be sent to your stores or HQ directly, as they ship with the right firmware pre-installed.


First off, we set up our physical device, then we add it as a device in Admin Suite's Watchtower chapter. Finally, we configure EVA to make use of Live Guard.

Set up device

To set up your device, check out all items in the box. You should find the following items:

  • Your Watchtower device
  • A power cable
  • Power cable adapters

Setting up your service is as easy as plugging two cables into Watchtower and turning it on.

  1. Use the power cable and your desired adapter to plug the Watchtower device into a power outlet.
  2. Connect the Watchtower device to your local network using an ethernet cable (use the correct ethernet port as pictured).
  3. Use the power button to turn on Watchtower. When turned on, a white light will show.

Configure your device

To onboard your device, head to your Watchtower chapter.

The Watchtower overview shows you all configured Watchtowers; whether they are online and if they are connected to Live Guard.

Adding a new device is simple:

  • Device name
  • Organization unit
  • Serial number (optional)

Special mention for the option Device is virtual, which you can use for testing purposes.

Finding the serial number

Mind that there are two serial number stickers on the device, both titled OnLogic. Use one on the big sticker with a serial number starting with E (ignoring the one starting with P).


Once a Watchtower has been added, you can check its connections.

Pay attention to the Name in the Network interfaces: if it ends with 0, it means you put the cable in the correct Ethernet port. That means a device may seem operational, but if it is not in the correct port, it will not work as intended.

As you can see, the Watchtower supports both IPv4 and IPv6.


After having configured the Watchtower in its entirety, you'll have to exercise a little patience while it downloads the latest updates.


To add an additional level of access to your Watchtower device, its details screen allows for direct communication via the 'Terminal' icon.

Help command

Enter Help for an additional set of commands.

Activating offline functionality

After having configured everything, your Watchtower will be ready for use with printing jobs. If you also want it to provide its offline functionality, all you have to do is switch the following LiveGuard:Available to true.


Please note that the PrintR settings might affect the above when you're working on a test environment.