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You can use inquiries to ask additional questions or add additional cases, to your subscriptions. They can then be used, when users in front-end applications sign up for subscriptions.

Add inquiries

To add an inquiry click the '+' icon in the chapter. In the following menu you can name and describe your inquiry.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the Inquiries permission.

Add questions

Once your inquiry is created, you can add questions to it. Click on the inquiry to open the menu for that. Here you can also edit the inquiry itself. Clicking the '+' icon will give you the menu to add a question and connect the question to a custom field.


In the case of you creating a brand new custom field, you can use the button in the question creation to quickly setup a field.

Sort questions

The questions will be displayed in the order they are sorted here. If you add multiple questions you can use drag and drop to order them in your preference.

Delete inquiries

In the inquiry menu, you can use Delete Inquiry in the bottom left to delete them.