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To access this chapter, you need the Inquiries permission.

You can use inquiries to ask additional questions or add different cases to your subscriptions or during customer editing/adding.

Add inquiries

To add an inquiry, click the chapter's '+' icon. In the following menu, you can name and describe your inquiry.



The Description field should hold your actual question.

  • Prompt user: A checked box would imply that the frontend user would be prompted with the underlying inquiry, and vice versa if the box is not checked.
  • One time use only: A checked box would imply that the inquiry would only be asked once, as opposed to a not checked box where the inquiry would be asked each time.
  • Script (optional): the dropdown list would only display available scripts of type UserInquiry.

Add or edit questions

Once you create the inquiry, you can add questions to it. Here you can also edit existing questions if the inquiry already existed.

Clicking the '+' icon will prompt the Add question card where you can add a question and further connect a custom field to it.

Is required checkbox: You can specify if the question is mandatory to answer or not by using this checkbox.


Make use of the Custom field hyperlink (click here text) in the Add question card to quickly navigate to the custom field chapter if a new one is needed.

Sort questions

The questions will display in the front ends in the order you sort them here. If you add multiple questions, you can use drag and drop to order them.

Delete inquiries

Simply use the Delete inquiry button in the bottom left corner if you wish delete an inquiry.