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Resetting passwords

If a user has forgotten their password, or if you want a user to set his own password, EVA provides two methods of resetting the password: using a temporary token though the Admin, or by going through the password forgotten e-mail flow. The latter method requires you to have an SMTP configured.

Temporary token

To reset a password using a temporary token, you need access to a user account that has the permission AnonymousTokens. Using this account take the following steps:

  • navigate to Management Employees
  • search for the user that requires a new password
  • click to Edit the user
  • at the bottom of the page, click Reset Token
  • you will be presented with a popup displaying your temporary token

The user can now log in to the Admin using this temporary token as their password. When logged in, they can change their password into whatever password they desire. You can of course also change the password in your profile in Admin Suite.


If you do not see this option, you might lack the necessary permissions to reset a password for a user. It will only display if you have the right to click it.


Temporary tokens are only usable for five minutes, make sure to login and change the password before this time runs out.

To change your password:

  • navigate to General Profile
  • find the Password pane at the bottom of the page
  • reset your password using the temporary token as Current password

Password reset e-mail

The second method of resetting a password can be found in the login screen of both Admin 1.0 and Admin Suite.

To reset your password using the password forget e-mail flow:

  • click Forgot password? from the login screen
  • you will receive an e-mail at the address registered to EVA containing a password reset link

This method requires you to have SMTP set up, and a stencil configured.