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Working with New Black

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Working with New Black

Our initial baby steps together

Whether you've been working with New Black and EVA for years, or we've only just met, we'd like to give you a few handholds to better understand the processes surrounding EVA and our Way of Working. From a general insight into our communication flows and all the channels available to you, to our EVA architecture, and everything in between to get you started and up to speed.


Let's kick it off with who your focal point of contacts would be, their expertise, and the modes of communication we will establish together.

Who are my points of contact?

If you are just starting out with EVA, you have probably already met some of the roles during your onboarding phase. In general, you will encounter the following roles the most:

  • Support - Our support heroes, on guard 24/7 if ever you need help with an incident.

  • Project Management Officer - (PMO); your day-to-day contact person linking between your project team and the New Black project team.

  • Subject Matter Expert - (SME); customer-facing experts on specific subjects.

  • Transformation lead - (TL); your strategic contact when it comes to over arching, unifying/contextual commerce ambitions.


A definition of all the channels we use to communicate with you, what each entail, how to get access, and more.

Docs website

We believe that self-sufficiency and knowledge makes our customer successful, so is the beating heart for everything around EVA. The docs portal contains how-to-guides, examples, release notes, API references and integration details. Once you've gained initial access, you can manage which of your colleagues should have access as well by going to your Profile page (if you have Admin rights) or by asking your PMO to send invites when needed.

First time access

If you're somehow reading this but don't have access yet to Docs website, please contact your New Black Project Management Officer.


Once you've access to Docs, release notes, hotfixes and announcements are available on our Drops page. You can optionally subscribe to the following notifications by ticking the corresponding checkboxes on your Profile page or by using the Subscribe to receive updates button on the Drops page.

  • Core release notes: Weekly release notes of added, improved, or fixed features and functionalities made to EVA backend (core).
  • Drop release notes: Monthly release notes detailing added, improved, or fixed features and functionalities to EVA Admin Suite, App Suite, or Docs, such as new pages, assessments, or page revamps.
  • Important news: Important announcements, sent on a per-need basis
  • Other news: General communication, infrequent
  • Web Hotfixes: Comms on any hotfixes made to our web UI - Admin Suite
  • App Hotfixes: Comms on any hotfixes made to any of our Apps

Support desk

New Black Support can assist you with help & implementation questions or incidents.

Contacting support

Before contacting support, please review our Support ticket guidelines.

  • Help & implementation tickets: used to serve newly onboarded clients and existing clients that would like to implement new functionality or ask general questions for knowledge purposes (pertaining to information not already available in our documentation). These tickets are generally directed to specialized teams or Subject-Matter-Experts within New Black. This process also allows us to identify gaps in our documentation and establish a feedback loop for improvement.

  • Incident tickets: used to report breaking issues to production environments that are directly impacting business.

First time access

To gain access to the Support desk tool, please contact your head of IT to request access by creating a new Help & Implementation ticket via our support desk - or, in case you are the Head of IT, your Transformation Lead within New Black.


If you have a request for a change to EVA, you can plan it by means of a ticket in JIRA. See our Planning development docs for details.

First time access

If you don't have access to Jira yet, please contact your New Black Project Management Officer.

Meeting rounds

So what about meetings? The fewer, the better, but there are a few meetings that make sense to have on a regular basis. These are the ones in which we make decisions together or improve our collaboration.

Subject-Matter-Expert refinement

Refinement session that address requests placed on the EVA development roadmap.

  • Outcome: Clear decisions on unclear JIRA tickets (if any);
  • Input: Discuss Jira ticket(s) flagged with Needs Info (if any);
  • Involvement: SME + Ticket requester (e.g. product owner or business analyst with full background/details pertaining to the requested development);
  • Frequency: Weekly.

A weekly slot in your calendar that can be utilized by a New Black SME should the need arise to discuss requested developments, ask questions, or seek clarifications on requested development(s).

PMO alignment

Project steering meeting with the project team and New Black Project Management Officer.

  • Outcome: Identified risks and potential blockers, made sure that the project is on track and that New Black isn’t blocking;
  • Input: Project plan, potential risks and impediments, update on (potential) development tickets statuses;
  • Involvement: Customer Project Manager, Implementation Partner Rep, New Black PMO;
  • Frequency: Weekly or Bi-weekly.
what we consider projects

This is best explained by means of examples:

You're currently replacing you ecommerce frontend to EVA headless commerce, this is very much a distinct project that begets a different type of involvement from our side: a project!.

Your stores are running business as usual, some tweaks and improvements are requested via the release and are delivered with regular interval: not a project.

TL alignment (strategic meeting)

Strategic meeting with your New Black Transformation Lead.

  • Outcome: Market/Product insights, identified opportunities and next steps, customer relationship;
  • Input: To hear it from you, your vision, insights and project performance;
  • Involvement: New Black TL and senior level management (customer);
  • Frequency: Weekly / Bi-weekly / Quarterly.


A meeting to look back on the collaboration between you and New Black so far, to see what lessons can be learned.

  • Outcome: Action points that will improve the way of working;
  • Input: Anything that worked really well in the past period, or the opposite: something you think slowed you down or held you back;
  • Involvement: Senior level management (customer and New Black);
  • Frequency: Monthly / Bi-monthly.

Kick-off with EVA

Let's get this party started with some initial projects.

Book an expert session

Learn more about the teams within New Black, their specializations, and the possibility to book an expert session.

Go-live checklist

Your checklist to a smooth sail towards a production environment.

Distributing Apps

Learn more about how we distribute our Apps, and what you should do to get ready.

Planning development

Learn more about how new functionalities or improvements are requested and managed.

Release timelines

Learn more about our release notes, schedules, mechanisms and more.

EVA architecture

Gain more knowledge about EVA: tech structure; how it functions; events and messaging; open source frameworks used; and more.