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Most checkout options are now configured by means of the services listed in our Checkout options docs.

Paper or digital receipt

You can configure what kind of receipt you'd like to be printed on checkout: paper and/or digital (e-mail).

You can do so with these two settings:

App:Documents:DefaultPrintReceipt -> false This App setting is ignored by POS
Auditing:PreferEmail -> true

In the above example, paper receipts will not be printed by default and the invoice will only be e-mailed. Extra steps will then have to be taken if you do want the paper receipt after checkout.

Receipts for Ecom orders

Because there can be disadvantages to printing receipts, such as receipts -containing personal information- ending up at neighbors in a Ship-from-Store delivery, you can use the following setting to determine whether or not you want a receipt to be printed:


This setting defaults to false, meaning that by default no receipts are printed for orders shipped or collected from store.

Block navigation on open amounts

This setting (for POS) indicates whether a user is allowed to navigate away from an order with an open amount or not. The setting is called App:Pos:DisableNavigationOnOpenAmount. When set to true, navigation can only be resumed through completing (full payment) or cancelling the order. The default value of the setting is false, meaning the user can freely navigate away in instances of open amounts on an order.

Hiding payment methods

You may want to hide the payment methods on orders that have been fully paid, to avoid unnecessary payments being made. Choose by using the following setting: AllowPaymentsOnPaidOrders.

Reserve in store

Essentially, 'Reserve in store' orders (or Click & Collect) can be enabled with the following setting: Orders:Reservations:ClickAndCollectEnabled

For more information, and additional related settings, see Click&Collect.

Minimum payable amount flow

By means of the App:Checkout:PrefillMinimumPayableAmount setting you can specify how you want to handle payments for mixed order types. This entails an order of which part is carry out while the other part is delivery for example. In such a case you'll want to have the customer pay at least the carry out order lines, but more options are available:

  • true: the minimum amount (carry out-only) will be prefilled during checkout
  • false: the amount to pay is prefilled with the entire open amount
  • prompt: a modal will appear allowing the employee to choose between the minimum and open amount

Mind that if the payment method in question has the Requires amount option enabled, no amount will be prefilled at all.