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Manage Account

You can manage your account using all three apps. The settings allow you to change your access to the apps and edit your user data.

Access Profile

To access your profile, tap on the 'User' icon at the top left of the app.

Edit Profile

Tap on the Edit button on the Profile page to view your edit options.

Iphone screen

Change Passcode

To change the access passcode to the app, tap the Change Passcode button. You will have to confirm the change of passcode with your current passcode.

Change fast between apps

To switch between all three apps as fast as possible, you can use the corresponding buttons in your user profile. The buttons will redirect you to the other parts of the App Suite without requiring additional login.

Change environment

If you want to connect to another endpoint, you can use the Switch Endpoint button in the profile screen.


This option will disconnect you from your current environment. After this, you will need to set up the connection to the endpoint again.