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Organization sets

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Organization sets

Grouping organization units into sets

The Organization sets chapter gives you an overview of your existing organization units (OUs), the possibility to edit them, as well as the ability to create new ones.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the OrganizationUnitSets permission. Permissions are managed from the Roles and rights chapter namely, from the functionalities card of a users role.

An Organization unit set, as the name implies, is the grouping of several organization units into one (a set of organization units).

For example, you're in process of attaching product assortments, and/or adding a payment type, and would like to do that to all store OUs in that country i.e. to multiple organization units. Instead of doing this configuration seperately on each and every store OU, you can simply create a set where all stores in that country are grouped and make those configurations just once by tagging it to an OU set. Doing it that way will apply configurations to each organization unit included in that set.

Managing OU sets

The Organization unit sets chapter of Admin Suite, is your place to add, delete or edit OU sets.

To add, simply click the '+' in the top right corner, or click an existing one to edit or delete.

Regardless whether you are adding or editing, the OU sets management flow will consist of three tabs:

Update set

The Update set tab is where you define your set by giving it a name, a description, a type, and more.

Include and Exclude OU's

The Include and exclude OU's tab is where you can in- or exclude organizations units that would then form your set.

Use the drop-downs to select the desired OU or OU set (yes, it's also possible to add a set to a set. Could prove useful in some scenarios).

Once done, you'll notice the added or excluded OUs on the bottom and right side.