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Introduction to accounting

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Introduction to accounting

Accounting in EVA

In this section you'll find know-how and concept explanations when it comes to how EVA handles financial activities.

So, things like setting up your journal entries, general ledgers, financial periods and events.

Concept illustration

A financial impacting transaction takes place within one of your stores:

This triggers cookbook events, updating the respective balance of the impacted general ledger account:

Exports are then triggered (per financial period, per OU) sending the closing general ledger balances to your ERP system:


If Use for accounting is not set to true on the respective OU, such export would not be triggered.

For more in-depth explanation and configuration, go to:

Considerations for initial setup

✔ Decide if you want EVA to feed your accounting system (ERP)
» If yes, mark "use for accounting" as true in the organization unit financial setup which you'd like to export accounting data from
✔ Make a mapping of the financial event (types) you want to report on
✔ Create a spreadsheet with your debit/credit flows
✔ Make a list of which General Ledger accounts we need to export to
✔ One-time configure these General Ledger Accounts in EVA (should match with your external system)
✔ Start creating Cookbook recipes categorized by Financial Event type
✔ Create an endpoint to which we can export data, and configure this in EVA settings
Open a financial period
✔ Create test transactions
Close financial period
✔ See export logs being created
✔ You can then edit Cookbook as desired, re-process events to create new bookings using the same test orders (this saves you from creating multiple test orders).