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Purchase orders

Main view

The purchase orders chapter gives you an overview of all purchase orders and their current states. Most columns speak for themselves, but as a reminder, the following states are possible for POs:

  • Open, placed, confirmed, paid, shipped and completed


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the PurchaseOrders permission.

As always, the right side of the screen has an array of filter options to easily search across purchase orders.

Create new purchase order

  • The supplier dropdown list will only display applicable suppliers based on your Organization Unit setup. Those OUs marked as supplier will show up here for you.
  • The receiver is filtered based on your setup of supplier relations.
  • The custom order type lets you determine the order as a refill order or pre-order.
  • The automatic cancellation date lets you select a date after which -if nothing happened to the order- it will be cancelled by the periodic task.
    • Note that the setting AutomaticOrderCancellationTimeInDays can be used to set a predetermined cancellation value on suppliers. If a shipment is created, then a new cancellation date is automatically set based on the setting.
  • The prices of the purchase order lines are derived from the respective pricelists attached to that supplier organization unit. Keep in mind that your price will be zero if there is no price list attached to the 'Sold from' organization unit.

Selecting products

The product selection process is done based on product properties. This way you can add multiple properties to search with, and customize your search as you need. You can then make your selection, then hit save.

Open orders

Your order status will remain open and editable as long as it is not placed and not confirmed.

The order lines table offers the following three action buttons:

  • 'looking glass' icon: for particularly large tables, you can use this functionality to search products within this table
  • 'calendar' icon: the calendar functionality lets you edit the requested date for all order lines
  • '+' icon: this icon will call up the product selection modal, to add more order lines

The following action buttons will be available in the order's footer based on its status:

  • if unplaced: Commit, Done & Place order
  • if placed: Commit, Done & Confirm order
  • if placed & confirmed: Commit & Done

Note that Done does not act as a save button, it just takes you back to the overview. Each order line has its own specific save option.

Placing and confirming order

Your next step is to click the Place order button. You will then be prompted with a screen whether or not you also want to confirm the order. Tapping Yes, will set your order status to "Confirmed" and No will set your order status to "Placed". Either way you can no longer make edits on the order lines.


Prior to placing and confirming, please don't forget to input the requested date of your shipment in the relevant field for each order line(s).

View existing placed or confirmed purchase order

Tapping an existing or confirmed purchase order will present you with a bunch of tabs:

  • orderLines
  • payments
  • shipments
  • related orders
  • history
  • documents
  • bookings
  • exports
  • interaction logs

These function similarly to the ones seen on the order overview chapter.

Supplier Ship Purchase Order

To conclude this you will then need to use SupplierShipPurchaseOrder for integration to link with supplier external systems. You can find out more about that here.

Future PO stock availability setting

With this setting you can determine the percentage of stock (in terms of quantity) on a confirmed purchase order that would be available for pre-sale.

FutureAvailability:PercentageAvailable0 to 100 or 0 to 1In the case 0 to 100 a 10 would mean 10% & in the case of 0 to 1 a 0.10 would also mean a 10%

For example, if there is a confirmed purchase order that is expected to be received in the future with a quantity of 40, and the setting is used with a value of 0.5, this would mean that a quantity of "20" is considered in the stock available for pre-sale. Once the physical stock is received on it's expected delivery date, the remaining balance would be added as available for sale.

The setting allows for pre-sale of stock prior to its actual requested/delivery date.


Any value input that does not fall within the range 0 to 1 or 0 to 100 would be automatically considered as 1 or 100%. This means that 100% of the stock included in the confirmed purchase order would be available for pre-sale. Further, the setting defaults to null if not used.