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Return to supplier requests

RTS requests

The RTS chapter starts off with an overview of all requests. With these requests you can ask a specific store (or a set) to return a specific amount of certain products to the supplier.

You can see the properties of such a request in the image below. You can use those to filter on them in the sidebar.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the ReturnToSupplierRequests permission.

Creating an RTS request

By clicking the + icon you can create a new request. The creation of an RTS request consists of four different chapters, all described here below.

1. General

The only thing to specify in the General info card of an RTS request is its Name and Return reason, the latter of which lists a range of values as created in the Return reasons chapter.

2. Select stores

In this card you can either select a single OU to issue the recall for, or you can select an OU set. You can even create a new set here directly. When doing so, you can tell EVA to either save this set for future use elsewhere, or to use this custom OU set for this RTS request only.

3. Select products

There are several ways to select products for the recall. By clicking the + icon you can see three different tabs:

3.1 Values

Pick a Product property type, such as Color and -optionally- choose a specific value for the property. If you pick Black as value for example, you might get black t-shirts and teacups in your recall.

There are some advanced settings available here as well:

  • Exact match: this allows you to pick a specific variant of a product, such as the 500 ml version instead of all variants
  • Negation: excludes these items specifically
  • Include missing
3.2 Range

Pick a Product property type, followed by the From and To fields. This only works for properties which have a range defined.

The same advanced settings are applicable here.

3.3 Prefill

Pick a specific product search template created earlier.

4. Recall percentage

After having selected products, you can set a recall percentage. This determines how much of the available product should be returned to the supplier.

As soon as you click Next, your RTS request will be created. It now has the status New. You can only Delete the request while it has this status.

5. Select supplier

In here you see the Store you've selected in the second chapter and a selection screen for a supplier. Only the OU's designated as supplier/warehouse are displayed here.

6. Overview

A quick overview of all the details of your new RTS request.

In here you have two options: either go back to the overview, or Process. The latter action button will activate this RTS request right away. By activating it, the status will change to the Processing or Processed status. It can no longer be deleted now.

Opening your RTS request

When you return to the RTS overview after having clicked Process, you'll see your request's status is Processed. By opening it you can see the details of the RTS request and all corresponding purchase orders.