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Manage your after-sales services

After-sales are an important part of any business, whether it's selling white goods or the latest fashion, a customer is always entitled to return and/or raise a complaint about an item. This is where cases come in handy.

If your customer requires anything other than a simple refund, it's good to document this properly. This may be the case when a customer has had an allergic reaction, wishes to raise a complaint or especially so if the customer requires the item to be repaired.

All these instances benefit, or require, from you documenting it in our Case management.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the Cases permission. Permissions are managed from the Roles and rights chapter namely, from the functionalities card of a users role.

Starting off with cases

In order to start using Cases you'll need to use the Case settings and Case management chapters.

We recommend going to the former first, since your configuration there becomes input for certain fields in Case management.

The following are other areas of EVA where the Cases feature is being used: