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The Consumers chapter in Admin Suite is a treasure trove of information concerning all the customers known to EVA. It allows you to check all their details, such as contact information, recent orders, and interactions. You can also make certain choices for the customer here, for example, a default shipping address, and create and edit custom fields.


The general overview gives a quick insight into your customers, allowing you to find the right customer using the filter pane and going into specific consumer details.


To access this chapter, you need the Customers permission.

General information

If you click on a customer, you will open their General information. Here you can add, change, and delete addresses and phone numbers. Adding them is as simple as clicking the '+' icons.

You can also change the default shipping or billing address by opening an address, using the 'Pencil,' and ticking the boxes next to the default shipping or billing address.

Furthermore, you can delete the customer and add custom fields to them.

Create customers

You can create customers in the chapter using the overview section of the chapter. The customer will be made in the store selected at the top of the screen. Click the '+' to open the creation mask. After filling out the needed information, based on the configured user requirements, this will redirect you to the General information of the customer.

Recent orders

The Recent orders screen will give you a quick overview of the recently performed orders of the customer. You can click on the 'Open' button at the top right of the orders to get more details. This will redirect you to the Orders module.


This chapter will only display the last five orders that the customer performed. For more information and extended history, use the Show All Orders button at the bottom of the page. This will redirect you to the Orders module.

Interaction logs

In the Interaction logs tab, you can see all the previous interactions with the selected customer. It will also allow you to create interactions using the tab's '+' icon. You can edit or delete an interaction using the 'Pencil' icon.

User cards

The User cards tab will allow you to manage cards assigned to a customer. The tab will only appear if the customer has any user cards. You can also add mutations to the amount stored on the card using the'+' icon next to the corresponding card.