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The Replenishment overview shows all products for which replenishment has been set up. It also directly shows the minimum and maximum amounts configured for the product's replenishment.

In the right sidebar you can filter on the replenishments. You can also see in the top right corner an option to select OrganizationUnit, once one is selected, any newly added replenishment products or edits would impact the specified OrganizationUnit.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the Replenishments permission.

Creating a Replenishment

By clicking the + icon in the Replenishment overview, you can configure a new Replenishment. First off search a product.

Once you've found the product you need, several options become available to configure its replenishment.

These are its:

  • Minimum quantity;
  • Maximum quantity;
  • Start and End date.

If you've picked a configurable product, an additional option becomes available in the Set min max overview. By clicking the 'roster' icon in the top right, you can get an overview of all this product's variants and configure the replenishment quantities for all of them individually.

The same functionality is available when opening an existing replenishment.