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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italy

This document describes all necessary configuration for a compliant setup in Italy.


Here are some concepts you need to familiarize yourself with before we go deeper into Italy's fiscalization:

  • Server RT: All in store transactions are tracked by what we call Server RT, and accordingly each station is synced to that server.
  • Sistema Di Interscambio (SDI): Invoices are issued by the e-invoicing portal of Italy called SDI. This applies to all orders whether performed in-store or online.
  • Lottery: A feature introduced by Italian authorities to combat money laundry and create an incentive for use of a digital payment type.

Here is an overview of how the architecture and setup in Italy looks like:

About Server RTโ€‹

The Server RT records all the sales in the POS and transmits the sales data to the Italian Tax Authorities. There is one Server RT per store.

Every fiscal station that is created in EVA for that store transmits the sales data to the server RT. The receipt however are printed on non-fiscal printers, which often are the EPSON TM-30.

After day closing, the server RT prepares the file and submits the information to tax authorities. Worth mentioning that there is a grace period of 12 days in case of any errors during transmission from Server RT to tax authorities. In other words, this means that sales have to be reported to the tax authorities within 12 days of it being registered. In severe instances a manual option to copy the information from Server RT (sealed) on an external memory drive and then further upload it on the Invoices and Fees portal of the Italian tax authorities is always there.

Lastly, the Server RT is reachable via itโ€™s IP-address at any moment. When accessing the Server RT via the IP-address the following web interface example is shown. Within you'll be able to spot receipts, logs and transmitted files.

About SDIโ€‹

The Sistema Di Interscambio (SDI) is the electronic invoicing portal of Italy. It is mandatory to send all B2B invoices to the SDI. This is optional for consumer invoices.

The SDI instance is owned and maintained by us i.e. only accessible by New Black.

SDI invoicesโ€‹

  • An SDI reference is added on all PDF invoices.
  • Invoices are emailed to the customer whether the underlying transaction was performed in-store or online. Make sure the setting AutoSendCertifiedInvoice is set with a value true.
  • A payment proof is automatically printed on endless aisle orders. Related setting found in the settings section.
  • The "Documento Commerciale" (receipt) print is mandatory for carry out orders (POS print receipts behave accordingly regardless of what action the user takes on the print function prompt).

About Lottery featureโ€‹

Italian residents can participate in the Italian Lottery with their personal tax code. The lottery applies only to digital payments and are for orders above 1 euro.

When the Auditing:Provider setting is set with a value ITALY a field where the user can input a lottery number would be made available on our apps (applies to card payments only).

We have 2 services pertaining to the lottery feature:

  • GetLotteryNumber

    • Accepts an OrderID and will return the current lottery number (if any).
  • SetLotteryNumber

    • Accepts both OrderID and a LotteryNumber
    • This service will also validate your input. The service will โ€œfailโ€ with an error based on applied validation rules (example: lottery numbers in Italy are a maximum of 8 characters long, this will be validated.)


In order to configure your store in Italy to be compliant, the following configurations need to take place.


All settings below should be set on the most convenient level possible. In other words, if your organization structure has a country organization which houses all Italian stores, then that's where they should go.

SettingValueOrganization unitDescription
Auditing:ProviderITALYITALY - On Country levelSets the certified aspects
UseInvoiceOutputFacadetrueRoot level or container levelAttaches the Certified Invoice PDF when emailing the Invoice from POS &/or Companion App. This setting enables the use of the CertifiedInvoice stencil with destination Mail
Auditing:UseInvoiceCloningtrueRoot level or container levelUsed to toggle automatic creation of clones, for unique sequence numbers, on and off (experimental)
Auditing:DailyConsolidation:MailToYour email address input hereContainer or store levelThe email address where the consolidation report is to be sent to.
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:CertificateBlobIDThis will be provided by usContainer level (Italy)-
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:CertificatePasswordThis will be provided by usContainer level (Italy)-
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:TransmitterCountryCodeITContainer level (Italy)The country code that will be transmitted to the SDI.
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:TransmitterVatCodeYour organizations VAT number (Example: 09599600963)Container level (Italy)The VAT code of the company which submits the invoice data to the SDI. This is the VAT number of your organization.
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:UrlInsert URL of the SDIContainer level (Italy)The URL of the SDI.
Auditing:Italy:SDIService:ErrorHandlerEmailAddressxContainer level (Italy)The email address that will receive errors from the SDI if errors occur.
Auditing:Italy:RtServer:Urlhttps:// (insert IP address)Store levelThe IP Address of the in store server RT. Please include https://
Auditing:Italy:RtServer:UsernameYour server RT username hereStore levelThe username of the server RT. *Most of the time this would be Epson.
Auditing:Italy:RtServer:PasswordYour server RT password hereStore levelThe password of the in store Server RT
Auditing:Italy:UseSentineltrueStore levelThis is Live Guard specific. More about Live Guard here
Auditing:EnforceTransactionValidationtrueContainer level (Italy)Make sure that the auditing configuration is correctly setup before allowing transactions.
PaymentProof:EnabledtrueContainer level (Italy)When an order is fully Endless Aisle (all line items are set to "Deliver" and without a B2B customer attached) a payment proof needs to be automatically generated. This setting enables such behavior.
PaymentProof:AutoPrinttrueContainer level (Italy)When an order is fully Endless Aisle (all line items are set to "Deliver" and without a B2B customer attached) the automatically generated payment proof that was enables via the previous setting needs to be automatically printed. This setting enables such behavior.
Auditing:InvoiceDeliveryInStoreDirectlytrue-This will prompt all orders with at least one delivery line to directly send the customer an invoice after the payment has been done. The invoice will then be sent to the RT server and exported to the SDI directly afterwards.


When configuring your Italian organization unit(s), a company needs to be attached. If there isnโ€™t an Italian company present yet, a new one can be created within Admin Suite under the Companies chapter. The following fields need be filled:

  • Name
  • VatNumber - Don't add the "IT" prefix
  • RegistrationNumber
  • Address (VisitorAddress)
    • Street
    • HouseNumber
    • ZipCode
    • City
    • CountryID

Organization unitโ€‹

Once a company is in place, you need to attach it to an organization unit(s).

Make sure the following fields are filled when creating an organization unit:

  • Name
  • BackendID (store number)
  • Address
    • Street
    • ZipCode
    • City
    • CountryID
  • CompanyID

It is crucial that you have the CompanyID field filled when creating the organization unit. You can retrieve this ID from the Italian company you created/have. This is the legal entity under which this OU/store is operating and will be referred to when filling in the details on the invoices and receipts.

Further, please make sure to fill all the auditing fields for your respective Italian OU's.

Setting up stationsโ€‹


Make sure your Watchtower is up and running and that the above auditing settings are configured prior to creating/setting up stations otherwise, your stations would not be synced to the Server RT.

You can find steps on adding a new station here.

When creating a station, make sure the following fields are filled in:

  • Station name.
  • The checkmark This station is a fiscal station and will be used for transactions needs to be checked.
  • FiscalSystemID
    • This needs to be exactly 8 characters where the last 4 characters need to be numbers.
    • Donโ€™t use any special characters in the FiscalSystemID.

All payment types must have a category, otherwise the payment can't be correctly mapped, and Ship Orders would fail.

Further, stations are known as Tills in the Server RT, and Tills can only be created or deleted from the Server RT. Once created, updating is not possible. Therefore, if any changes need to be made on an existing Till, please delete it and re-add it with the desired changes.


In order to create a reconciliation report and spot any differences between the reported server RT turnover and EVA's reported turnover at financial period closure, the following task can be set up under Management โ†’ Tasks:

The task is called system:DailyConsolidationReportTask, once set up, the task will run every day at 23:55. It will consolidate all ledgers of DailyTotalsConsolidation and place them in an Excel called report.xslx and email that file to you.

The report will fetch all the information from the store and split that information into three types of transactions that are known to Server RT. Those are:

  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Void

Reports are attached to the financial period in EVA Admin for the sake of historical reference. As soon as EVA detects a difference between EVA's reported turnover and the Server RT, a record of that would be included in the emailed report.

The email will be sent to the address specified in the setting called Auditing:DailyConsolidation:MailTo. You will also need SMTP settings, and a Stencil with the following configuration:

  • Type: Template
  • Organization: Leave empty
  • Name: DailyConsilidation
  • Country: None
  • Language: Emptry
  • Layout: None
  • Destination: Email
  • Content: As you wish