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POS 2.76.0‍

πŸ†• Added​

Default opening screen​

You can now change the default route that POS will take after logging in. With this, you can change your environment, based on the most commonly used areas.

βœ… Improved​

Logout button​

The option to log out is back in the bottom left of the POS and is no longer hidden on the account page.

Improved Yen price input​

We will no longer allow input decimals for Yen, as all amounts are in whole Yen.

Subscription descriptions​

The description of a subscription, which you can configure in the Admin Suite will now be shown below the opt-ins.

Delivery method for mixed orders​

We've improved the logic for delivery methods in mixed orders. Having an order with both carry out and delivery lines will no longer prevent you from picking/altering your preferred shipping method for the delivery lines.

Adding out-of-stock items to your basket​

Until now, out-of-stock items could not be added to your basket through the size table and specifically only via the View variants action/display. We've now improved this to make it possible in both situations - that is, if allowed for the specific line action type.

Updated configuration​

We updated the set-up of POS. It is now condensed on one page and will allow for a faster setup.

Exchange amount on the CFD​

The CFD will now display the change the customer is due to receive after the transaction.

Disable loyalty cards on CFD​

Using the setting App:Loyality:DisableScanCard, you can disable the button to scan a loyalty card at the CFD. It will not be visible if set to true.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • Fixed an issue, where an open order would not migrate if it was created whilePOS was offline.
  • Errors concerning giftcards in POS will now make clear that some action has to be undertaken.
  • Fixed an issue where interbranch orders were not correctly rendered.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer address was marked as required during onboarding, even if it was not configured to be required.
  • When unlockingPOS during offline mode, the user will now properly change. -POS will now correctly navigate to the Documents page after an order with partial custom payments was completed.
  • SSO works again on web POS.
  • You will no longer be able to select a stock label for a service product during a return.
  • Fixed a bug where you were not able to add an item to your basket if it has a size table and the stock is 0.
  • Fixed a bug where product search in offline mode wouldn't return all products.

Companion 1.30.0‍

πŸ†• Added​


Inquiries can now be used in the Companion to ask your customer additional questions and more!

βœ… Improved​

Grey out options when entry is invalid​

When an entry is invalid, we'll now grey out any corresponding options such as an Update button.

Improved Yen price input​

We will no longer allow input decimals for Yen, as all amounts are in whole Yen.

Available stock​

The stock levels shown in the Companion differ depending on where you look (Product detail page vs External stock), which could be confusing. To clear this up the PDP will now display the amount of stock "Available for delivery" instead, while the Ext. stock will keep showing the actual stock count.

Adding out-of-stock items to your basket​

Until now, out-of-stock items could not be added to your basket through the size table and specifically only via the View variants action/display. We've now improved this to make it possible in both situations - that is, if allowed for the specific line action type.

Improved barcode scanning​

In the future, if a barcode scan on a member card is not returning results, the number of the barcode will still be filled into the customer search, to enable further searching.

Custom fields order options​

Instead of being limited to seal bags, you can now configure all kinds of custom fields to be shown in the Companion's Order options. To do so, add the BackendID of any custom fields you want to show in the App:Order:ShowCustomFields setting.

Change the maximum displayed order lines​

Using the setting App:Order:MaxLineCount you can change the number of order lines that Companion is allowed to display. This limit is applied to both order creation and returns. Its value is set at 50 by default.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • The date picker will no longer prevent you from changing dates if the current date is unusable.
  • Array custom fields will now be visible in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug, where a seal bag number character requirement would not be displayed for the first added seal bag.
  • Fixed a bug where you were not able to add an item to your basket if it had a size table and the stock was 0.

Admin Suite‍

πŸ†• Added​

Order in lists based on priority​

Several lists, such as Return reasons now order their values based on Priority fields, which can be set when creating the reasons.

βœ… Improved​


We've made a huge quality of life improvement by redesigning Admin Suite. We've taken care to make everything as intuitive as possible, so we trust you'll find what you're looking for easily. Do note that the Tasks chapter (and only that one) is not yet moved over to this new design.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • The chapter selection bar will no longer lose color when navigating to sub-pages.


Compliance module on Admin suite​

A new module has been added to Admin suite called Compliance where event ledgers and control documents can be viewed.

Compliance updates by country:​

🌏 Worldwide (all)

βœ… Improved​

VAT number validation​

When onbarding a new business customer (B2B) on POS App, a VAT number validation is now carried out based on the respective inputs made for VAT number and country.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • For SAF-T audited countries, credit downpayment invoices in generated SAF-T files are now categorized under document type "NC - Credit note".

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany

βœ… Improved​

Fiskaly and the scharfes s "ß"​

Organization unit syncs on Fiskaly now supports organization units where the sharp s "ß" is being used in the naming.

πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Japan

βœ… Improved​

Decimal display for JPY​

In various places in the Companion App a decimal display for JPY currency is no longer given since JPY is a zero-decimal currency.

πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή Portugal

βœ… Improved​

Downpayment reference on final invoice​

In a scenario where a downpayment(s) was made on an order, the "Final order invoice" will now make reference to the related "Downpayment credit invoice" under the references section. Further, the "Downpayment credit invoice" will make reference to all underlying "Downpayment invoices", if multiple ones were made.

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden

πŸ†• Added​

Bring return and sale logic to Sweden​

Applying the return and sale in 1 transaction logic (Exchange orders) has been extended to include Sweden as well (earlier France only).

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • In the process of simplifying French customer onboarding, a customer without billing or shipping address added to an order (accepted in France) allows only for a receipt print (no customer details are shown on the receipt) after an order is concluded. However, the email invoice button was still available for users and has now been removed as it's not applicable in such a scenario.

Control room‍

πŸ†• Added​

API users chapter​

You can now configure and create API users in Admin suite, using this newly added chapter.

Event exports monitor​

You can now use the Monitors chapter to setup notifications based on (undeliverable) webhooks.

βœ… Improved​

Settings and App settings​

We made some overall improvements to the design and function of the Settings and App settings chapter.

Edit rights on Monitors​

After having changed the back end to ensure monitors could no longer become uneditable (by removing the last person's edit rights), we've now incorporated this into Admin Suite visually.


βœ… Improved​

Payment methods​

We've made several improvements to the Payment methods chapter, mostly design and flow-wise, but it also includes a new OU/OU set selector.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • Fixed missing settlement events after refunding manually via Adyen portal.


πŸ†• Added​

Price correction reasons​

Price correction reasons can now be created in Admin Suite's Reasons chapter as well.

βœ… Improved​


The Return and refund reasons chapter has been renamed to just "Reasons". Simultaneously, we've made all reasons translatable by clicking the Translate button on the lines themselves.

Price correction reasons​

The reason for a price correction reason will now be displayed in the overview of the corresponding order. You can find it in the final column on the order line of the price correction itself.

Force release of C&C order​

When you try to ship an order with the Verify customer requirement, a modal will be presented to you allowing you to force the verification and release the order. If you don't have the required ReleasePaidPickUpOrders functionality, a warning will be shown instead to notify you of the requirement and the missing functionality.

Small improvements​

We've made several smaller improvements to the Order detail page, such as removing unnecessary service calls and displaying "No order data" instead of having empty cards. Navigating back to the order list will also no longer reset paging.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • The card in the ODP related to payments will be displaying the proper amounts again after performing a successful refund.
  • ModifyQuantityOrdered will no longer be called (for no reason) when creating a price correction.
  • Longer custom fields will no longer push other content out of the screen.
  • Adjusting filters in the Order details page will no longer lead to an error.


πŸ†• Added​

Columns in Custom fields overview​

We now display both the Name and the BackendID of the custom fields in the overview.

Download list of employees​

You can now download a list of employees in the Employees chapter. This can either be a list for a selected OU, or for all users.

Subscription user requirements​

In case you need additional information from your consumer for a subscription, you can now set user requirements for subscriptions.

βœ… Improved​

Order of chapters​

With the recent addition of several new chapters to the *People module, we reorganized the order in which these tabs are shown.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • We fixed a bug where updating an employee sometimes resulted in not every field getting updated.
  • The Save button, when adding new modules to roles, will no longer hide behind the footer bar.

πŸ†• Added​

Product sets​

Product sets, AKA product search templates, can now be created easily in Admin Suite's Product sets chapter.


πŸ†• Added​

Campaign budget tracking or limiting​

Use the campaign budget card to track the tagged discount(s) monetary consumption or even auto deactivate them once a certain monetary budget is reached.

Attach coupon to user​

With the Generate coupon action, users can now make coupons exclusive to the coupon receiving customer. Furthermore, POS users will see such exclusive coupons during checkout (if applicable).


Customize your promotions overview (columns) using workspaces.

βœ… Improved​

Overview filter​

The promotions overview filter has received a revamp, making it easier to filter by discount type, active or inactive (detailed), currency, campaign, and more.

Discount status column​

The discount status column Active has been renamed to Enabled in your discount(s) overview. The status values remain the same as either Yes or No.

Product filter icon​

A new icon (looking glass) has been added under Filter products where it is now possible to view the added products via a model overlay. This is applicable only to actions and conditions where the filter products component exists.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • Generating a coupon could in some cases cause the application to become unresponsive.


βœ… Improved​

Full stock counts visual improvements​

We've included some visual improvements in the Full stock count chapter, making all data more consistent and readable.

Full Stock Counts during opening hours​

We've added the ability to create a Full Stock Count that's explicitly able to be performed while the store is open. Mind that any external FSC will require this option to be selected as well.

Finishing a Full Stock Count​

The available options when finishing an FSC in Admin Suite have been updated and split into two columns. The first one will allow you to choose to actually process the FSC (or not), while the second one concerns the creation of corresponding cycle counts. For more information, see Finishing your FSC.


πŸ†• Added​

ZCC origin​

A zoned cycle count now features an additional column in its overview: Source. This column shows how the ZCC was initiated, meaning whether it was done by a Full stock count, it was Planned, due to a negative automatic stock correction (NASC), or done Manually.

βœ… Improved​

Task counts​

The task counters will now be more reliable, since they now exclude the tasks in child OUs.

Editing addresses​

It's now possible to edit an address inside an (SFS) task straight away.

Admin 1.0‍

πŸ”§ Fixed​

  • Fixed a bug, where it would not be possible to create a new order in the flow to copy an order.
  • Fixed a bug, where a search in the Cycle counts tab would not find the searched product if it was not on the first site of your search page.
  • Fixed a bug, where the search in the Cycle counts tab would not allow removing the text in the search bar.