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POS 2.80.X

✅ Improved

Area codes on country's phone numbers

We improved the prefix phone number added automatically to users, so it no longer adds region codes.

Inquiries save flow

We have added a new Save inquiry button in the subscription and inquiries, so you can save the information before submitting everything.

Document sent toaster

We've made the toaster that shows the (un)successful transmission of documents attached to a completed order clearer.

Subscription displays

We will now display subscriptions in the Basket and on the Edit customer page.

Automatic CFD detection

DuringPOS configuration, you will now have the option to pair a **CFD should you select a station with a CFD present.

More options tab

The tab will now feature additional warnings, such as warnings if your watchtower is down, to amplify your reaction time should something misbehave.

🔧 Fixed

  • The toast that an employee does not have permission to receive a shipment is now showing correctly.
  • Multi-line fields will now correctly be displayed as that and not as regular line fields.
  • Custom payment methods with (required) custom fields will display the required fields.
  • During safe closing, POS will now display pending seal bags correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where subscriptions sometimes were returned with the wrong translations.
  • Fixed a bug where a store with a main currency without denominations would not show denominations on other currencies that should have them.
  • Fixed a bug where the fiscal ID validation was performed based on CountryID of the organization unit and not that of an attached customer's billing address.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be redirected to the documents panel even if the payment was aborted.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple subscription-required user fields would appear as one.
  • You can now reach countries further down in the alphabet on the CFD during the customer onboarding, as we fixed the issue with scrolling down.
  • The CFD will allow you to see the payment status for a bit longer before transitioning to the custom animations.
  • Fixed a bug where a basket that was changed using the CFD would not correctly update if a watchtower is configured but unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug where a duplicatePOS application would appear sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug where the CFD would display positive prices when returning a product.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to open the cash drawer even with a watchtower present.
  • The CFD will no longer show change for refund orders.
  • Fixed an error where partially refunded payments would still be displayed on the CFD.
  • The CFD will now properly listen to 'Orders:Display:ShowFreeProductAsFree' to determine if a product should be displayed as "Free".

Companion 1.34.X

✅ Improved

Configurable products Preselection

If a configurable product has only one option in a column, we will preselect that option by default to save a click.

Maximum number of orderlines

If you are close to reaching the maximum amount of orderlines, we will show you a warning about it before you can no longer complete the order in the Companion App.

Partial pick in C&C

You can now pick part of a line in a C&C order again. For example, if you have the same product three times, you can select only two at once.

Service products in C&C Tasks

In C&C tasks, you will now see service products below their corresponding bundle. This view makes it easier to identify which service product belongs to which bundle, for example, if a print request is attached to a product.

Improved order barcode scanning

Should an order QR-code not directly lead to an order, it will now input the scanned value into the search order screen to allow alternative ways to find the order.

🔧 Fixed

  • The button to move to checkout will now be adequately displayed in grey if unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug where bundle products were shown when searching for service products.
  • Fixed a bug where the quantity of a previously searched product would be shown as stock for a searched product.
  • Fixed a bug where an order without lines could not be moved to checkout for refunds.
  • Fixed a bug where the money value on an empty gift was not visually aligned with the rest of the displayed values.
  • Fixed a bug where a required phone number would not be displayed correctly, even while you are not allowed to proceed with editing a user.
  • Discount products will be added to your basket immediately if you scan them on the GWP page.
  • Products will no longer be added to the basket twice from the product search if you scan them using a QR code.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a cleanup task and the insufficient stock modal would show different product names than those shown in the basket.
  • Fixed an issue where checkout pricing subtotals, totals, and lines price summaries did not react according to PreferredPriceDisplayMode.
  • After editing a customer, the search results will adequately reset when searching again.
  • Fixed a bug where the discount amount in the order line was missing.
  • The scanner will no longer be open on the second step of the C&C task, as it is not needed there.
  • Fixed a bug where a partial pick of an orderline would not work after an orderline was swiped, but no action was picked.

Admin Suite

✅ Improved

General design updates

We've implemented several design changes throughout Admin Suite, making it more consistent and transparent as to where you can find what. These changes include, for example, sticky footers, subpages, and updated icons.

Search capabilities

We've improved the way we search by allowing for fuzzy pattern recognition.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the translation modal would crash if the countryID is empty.
  • Fixed a bug where 'App:CustomerProductValue' was not correctly working in what ID field was displayed.


Compliance module on Admin suite

🆕 Added

Manual invoices

A new chapter called Manual invoices has been added, where users can now view and create manual invoices.

Compliance updates by country:

🇧🇪 Belgium

✅ Improved

Unique invoice chains

A new setting called Auditing:UseCompanyBasedInvoiceSequenceNumber can now be set to true to generate a unique invoice sequence per company rather than country (container). This is to accommodate scenarios where more than one company exists within a country.

🇫🇷 France

✅ Improved

French invoice changes

The following invoice translations have been introduced:

  • Supplier now reads Fournisseur
  • Taux de remise now reads Remise
  • Products now reads Produits.
🇩🇪 Germany

✅ Improved

Fiskaly keys

The display of Fisklay keys and hashes is removed from the customer-issued "proof of purchase" tickets since those are already included in the QR code.

🇮🇹 Italy

✅ Improved

B2B mandatory checkout info.

VAT number, company name, and billing address are mandatory as per SDI requirements when conducting a B2B sales; otherwise, it is rejected by SDI. Therefore, checkout flows on front-end apps will be blocked unless this mandatory info is filled.

🇳🇴 Norway

🆕 Added

E-com audit files setup

Compliance setup for e-com organization units is now available.

🇵🇱 Poland

✅ Improved

Autonomous mode notification

A notification will now display for the user if the UPOS fiscal printer is in autonomous mode. The notification will state "Thermal Printer is in autonomous mode, please exit this mode or restart your printer to continue".

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where RO values were not included in the JPK file, leading to differences.
🇵🇹 Portugal

🆕 Added

Addition of text on invoices

In line with Portuguese legislation, the text custo de chamada para rede fixa nacional has been added to invoice templates where telephone numbers are mentioned. The text dictates any underlying calling costs.

✅ Improved

Adiantamento (down payment) changed on invoices

The word Adiantamento (down payment) on invoices has been changed to Pago (Paid) to accommodate scenarios where the paid amount equals the total due amount.

Invoice headers

Invoice headers change based on the nature of the underlying transaction ("Fatura", "Fatura Simplificada" and "Fatura Venda").

🔧 Fixed

  • NIF is no longer a mandatory/flow blocking requirement when conducting sales above the value of €1,000/-.

Control room

✅ Improved


We've made several improvements to the Monitors module, most notably the addition of the ScriptedOrders handler.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the OU selection was reset to the previously searched OU when searching for them with the filters.


🆕 Added

Service products tax exemption

To skip a country's tax configuration on service products only, a new setting to exempt service products has been introduced.

Financial periods

A new chapter called Financial periods has been added.

✅ Improved

Currencies chapter

Creating and editing cash handlers has received a design update (no functionalities impacted by this UI design update).

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the tax rate excel upload feature, where the Update action did not work.
  • Fixed an issue with price lists, where searching for a product using a BackendID would sometimes clear the product dropdown after input.
  • Fixed an issue in the income and expenses chapter where the BackendID did not populate once clicked despite displaying in the overview.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes refreshing the payment type page would result in emptying the general details modal fields.


🆕 Added

Prefilling OU for returns via Suite

By setting App:Returns:PrefilledOrganizationUnit to true for Admin Suite, the OU by which the user was logged in with will be prefilled as the return OU when selecting items to return.

This can be useful when e-com orders are returned in stores where employees often have but a single OU attached to their role. However, the selected OU can still be altered by employees with multiple OUs.

Orderline custom fields

You can now create and edit orderline custom fields from the Custom Fields chapter in the Order module.

Shipments ledger

The Shipments tab in your order details now boasts an additional Ledger field, which will display the current status of the shipment. Click it for a detailed overview of shipping updates. Should work out of the box if you're using our Storeshippers integration.

Payment transaction filter

We've extended the Payment filters in the sidebar of the Orders overview with the Payment transaction ID field. Note that because indexing for this starts this drop, this filter will work only for future orders.

Auto-complete orders

We've added the auto-complete functionality to your orders, just like it was available in Admin 1.0. Go to any order (detail page) to find the new 'auto-complete' icon.

✅ Improved

Organization Unit Filters

Organization Unit Search filters will also display the backendID next to the OU name.

If an order contains shipping with tracking, you can now click on the name of the shipping document to directly open the tracking website.

🔧 Fixed

  • Added some missing German translations.
  • The return order detail view will adequately display the return reasons and not show you an empty field.


🆕 Added

Calculation for shipping to different countries

We added a setting Taxes:UseShippingCountryInEuropeanUnion, which will overwrite the taxes being calculated using the OU country, and instead check for the order's shipping address.

Add and edit OU currency

You can now add or edit the currency of your OU in the OUs financial tab. You can also add multiple currencies here to make them available as payment options in your store.

🔧 Fixed

  • A description is also necessary if you edit special opening hours, not only if you create them.


✅ Improved

Block nickname override

In the future, you will no longer be able to give multiple users the same nickname to prevent overrides of employee nicknames.

You can now add hyperlinks to the description of subscriptions.

🔧 Fixed

  • Removed a misleading error warning when looking at employees whose primary stores had roles assigned using OU sets.
  • Fixed a bug where the consumer's chapter would not correctly load after searching for consumers.


✅ Improved

Loading images

We now indicate your request is being processed when changing images by means of a loading icon. If an image cannot be loaded, it will be replaced with a default product image.

🔧 Fixed


🆕 Added

Product requirement discount condition

A new discount condition called product requirement has been added.

Coupon codes Excel upload

A feature to add coupon codes using an Excel upload has been added.

Suffix discounts

Using a new setting called Discount:PseudoCouponCodeSuffix, it is now possible to combine/attach two discounts. This means that once a certain coupon-triggered discount is attached to an order, the additional discount (suffix discount) would also apply. Find out more under coupon code suffix docs.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a display issue in the campaigns overview where the budget progress bar did not align with its percentage.


🆕 Added

Full stock count report as PDF

The FSC summary is now available for download in PDF as well as Excel. Keep in mind that the PDF version requires you to setup a PDF stencil first - specifically the stencil called FullStockCountSummary

✅ Improved


When selecting a product from the table and activating the Recount, the modal will select and show you the item across all stock labels.

FSC label status

The label states in a full stock count will now be displayed clearer, showing multiple possible states that take recounts into account.

Order fulfillment interface

A footer on the Order fulfillment tab will allow you to go back to the overview or delete the currently selected order fulfillment. You can also ship it using the 'Truck' icon.

🔧 Fixed

  • For a short moment in time, a full stock count could not be completed while choosing the "Generate cycle counts for all selected products" option.


✅ Improved

General design update Tasks

The Tasks module has been included in Admin Suite's recent design overhaul. Enjoy!

Ship from store

We've updated the entire Ship from store chapter to be more intuitive and to require less clicks.

🔧 Fixed

Admin 1.0

🆕 Added

HTTP invoice destination

HTTP destination invoices are now available to accommodate scenarios where invoices to customers are being sent out from an external mailing system.