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This section displays additions or improvements that span across all apps.

✅ Improved

Checkout options

All front ends allow you to insert Checkout options. These options are a collection of extra tiles you can add to your checkout screen that allow for functionality such as Gift wrapping, Signatures or SoldBy. These options used to be configured by means of app settings, but we've improved the way you can configure these options and have migrated all your current options to the new flow.

There are pre-configured tiles you can easily add, but you can basically create whatever kind of tile you like - including tiles with scripts attached to them. Read more about our new way of handling it in our Checkout options docs.

POS 2.86.x

🆕 Added

Preferred login

Set your preferred login method using an App setting.

Logout option

Users logged in using the PIN method can now log out via the lock-out modal when timed-out. This is quite useful in scenarios where users forget their PIN and would like to re-login using a different login method.

Reprinting GlobalBlue forms

For users of Global Blue, tax-free forms can now be reprinted from the order detail page after issuing.

Custom field display in ODP

Using a new App setting called App:Order:DisplayUserCustomFields, you can now display custom fields in the order details.

EVA Pay Local

We've introduced the EVA Pay Local payment method in POS. This way you can continue your sales operations in stores even when a store is offline. This version of EVA Pay will only be available as a payment method when EVA Cloud is down.

✅ Improved

Global Blue form printing

For users of Global Blue, POS users will now be prompted with an alert stating "There is no station available to print this document type. It is not possible to complete this flow without printing.". This applies only in scenarios where a non-compatible station is available to print the related tax-free form (Thermal or PDF in some cases).

Attached coupons to users

In scenarios where a coupon is being used on an order that is stored on user while no user is attached to the order, a warning message will be prompted requesting the customer required fields (at least email address).

Subscription description

A few improvements have been made on how subscription descriptions are displayed (no functionalities impacted).

Visual helper to choose variation

Users will now be prompted with a small yellow/orange colored "i" icon next to any unfilled/missing variations. This of course applies to configurable products only where a variation (e.g. size or color) must be chosen in order to add product to basket.

Exchange via a return without reference

In scenarios where an exchange order is being performed in a certified country with the setting Auditing:AllowExchangeOrders and a value of true, users were prompted with an error message if the flow was initiated with an unreferenced order (a customer return without an underlying original order). This is no longer the case, and unreferenced orders can now be performed (if applicable).

🔧 Fixed

  • In order to prevent the loss of any filled-in data, POS now handles inquiry flows in cases where internet is slow.

CFD 2.6.x

🆕 Added

Language flag

A flag representing the corresponding language will now be displayed in the top right corner of your CFD screen which can be tapped to switch language. This applies to organization units where multiple languages are configured/available under the basic information tab. To spice things up, if a customer is added to the order who has a different language configured/preference, the CFD display will automatically switch to that language.

✅ Improved

Relevant alerts

When you're trying to use functionality on the CFD, such as the Pair by network or Camera, while the corresponding permissions have been denied or revoked, an alert will now be displayed. This alert will inform you of the issue and guide you towards the permissions.

Payment summary

The payment summary screen on the CFD has had some visual updates for consistency.

Tasks App

🆕 Added

Full stock counts

The Tasks App now includes a toggle to enable the full stock count to be performed during opening hours. We've also added a button to go back to the Tasks overview after navigating to FSC (but not starting it).

Shipment date and time

If shipments are coming in, their expected date and time will be displayed.

✅ Improved

Cleanup tasks

We've made it easier in Reservation cleanup tasks to switch between "Return all items" and "Nothing to return" after having made a selection in the PDP.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue which allowed the user to interact with everything during a FSC.

Checkout App

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where bundle searches disappeared too fast and yielded no results.


✅ Improved

Checkout button (visual improvement)

The button to proceed with checkout will be greyed out if the order is invalid rather than have it tappable with no action (example: Items in a basket are available only for order type Carry out however, in the checkout flow the user changed the order type to Delivery, making the order invalid. In such scenario the button to proceed with checkout will be greyed out rather than have it tappable with no action).

Companion 1.40.x

🆕 Added

Clear overview for "Pick a product" promotions

When a gift can be selected based on a promotion, the selection screen will now take product relations into account. This will make it much easier to pick a gift from a multitude of possible gifts. As an example: instead of showing 11 different kinds of EVA Snapback caps, the selection screen will display one line called "EVA Snapback caps".

Custom field display in ODP

Using a new App setting called App:Order:DisplayUserCustomFields, you can now display custom fields in the order details page.

✅ Improved


We've made it clearer for Companion users how to log in with SSO, renaming Login with OpenID to Single sign-on.

Phone number prefix

When adding a new consumer, Companion will now show the prefix for a telephone number (+47 for Norway for example) based on the consumer's country.

Prevent basket creation for invalid orders

If a basket holds a product which cannot be delivered, the button to proceed to checkout will be disabled.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the subscription name did not display the respective translation despite having one configured.
  • All selected lines when creating a return order will now have a blue border, indicating selection.

Admin Suite


This section represents general changes or fixes made (if any) to the Admin Suite that do not fall under a specific module. On the other hand, changes or fixes that impact specific modules such as Control Room, Finance, Orders, etc. will be categorized under the respective impacted section in the below modular presentation of our notes.

🆕 Added

Shareable workspaces

Workspaces can now be shared across users in the same role. Creation and selection of a new workspace is relatively straightforward via the Workspace button in the sidebar. Both require their corresponding permission in the SharedWorkspaces functionality. Good to know: only the creator of the workspace can edit it.

Sold by in order details

Details of Sold by have been added to the Order sidebar card. It will show which employees took part in the sales transaction.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where OpenID providers where not displayed right away.


Compliance updates by country

🇧🇭 Bahrain

🆕 Added

Configuration for Bahrain

Compliance configuration added for Bahrain.

🇫🇮 Finland

✅ Improved

Finvoice 3.0

XML files now use Finvoice 3.0 schema and pass validations.

🇩🇪 Germany

✅ Improved

German translation

Some translation improvements have been introduced to the German certified invoice stencil.

Address changes sync on Fiskaly

Any changes made to an organization units name or postal code in EVA, will instantly be synced to Fisklay.

🇮🇹 Italy

✅ Improved

Invoice on anonymous B2C

On the Companion App, if a receipt or invoice has been printed before, and the user is attempting to reprint, the text Reprint receipt instead of Print receipt will be shown on the print button. Further, the user will be notified if a print fails.

🇯🇴 Jordan

🆕 Added

Configuration for Jordan

Compliance configuration added for Jordan.

🇳🇴 Norway

🆕 Added

Signature QR

Signature QR code has been added to the PDF certified invoice template.

🇴🇲 Oman

🆕 Added

Configuration for Jordan

Compliance configuration added for Oman.

🇵🇱 Poland

🆕 Added

Simplified invoices

Simplified invoices are supported for B2B transactions where the NIP (Tax ID No.) is provided (this behavior does not apply to B2C transactions).

✅ Improved

Order value limit on RMA/RTS orders

The maximum order value of 15.000 (as per compliance regulations) no longer impacts RMA/RTS (Return To Supplier) orders.

🇪🇸 Spain

🆕 Added

Canary Islands IGIC implementation

Support for Canary Islands tax rates has been added along with respective stencil changes where the word "VAT" is replaced by "IGIC" for orders originating from a canary island, and the sentence "Commerciantie minorista" is now mentioned on the invoice below the company/OU information.

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates - UAE

🆕 Added

Configuration for UAE

Compliance configuration added for the UAE.

Control room

🆕 Added

Error message

We've added a chapter called Error queue allowing you to check and read any error messages at your leisure and retry them if necessary.

Serial number validation

Two new scripts for handling internal/external serial number validation have been added to the extension points list.

Transput jobs

The resulting rows in transput jobs can now be clicked to continue towards their corresponding OrderOrderExport, ReturnOrderExport, etc.

✅ Improved

OU set selector in Settings

We improved the way the OU set selector works in the Settings chapter: when choosing an OU set, all the OUs in that set will be overwritten with the new value. We've added a text to indicate this in the selector since it's got quite the impact.

Additionally, we've made the entire settings page prettier.


🆕 Added

General ledgers

A new chapter called General ledgers has been added.

🔧 Fixed

  • A bug has been addressed where Endless Aisle exports were not being generated using the Endless Aisle invoicing configuration.


🆕 Added

Order QR code

Via the sidebar orders card, transferring an order to your device can now be done using a QR code scan.

Sold by in order details

The sidebar in the Orders card now includes a Sold by field where you can view the names of the sold by user(s) with the respective orderline(s).

Refund methods in Payments tab

When creating a refund in Admin Suite's Payments tab, you can now choose from Manual, Custom types and Auto Refund. Whether Auto refund is available, depends on the store you picked in the OU selector.

Invoice number

In the documents tab of an order, a new column has been added showing the invoice number.

The Related orders tab now also displays a Return to organization unit field.

✅ Improved

Orchestration comments

We've made comments in Orchestration sheets easier to read (no functionalities impacted).

ID value in return order view

The corresponding value of the setting 'App:CustomerProductValue' (or default value if not set) is now displayed under the respective orderline(s) in a return order flow.

Product information enhancement

Product information now displays additional product properties like size, color (if applicable) and the value of the 'App:CustomerProductValue' setting (or default value if not set).

Shipments overview

The shipments tab of an order now displays the value of the 'App:CustomerProductValue' setting (or default value if not set), the shipment time next to the shipment date, and the orderline ID.

The Related orders tab in the order details page has been redesigned to directly show the related order's details.

Organization filters

Using the Organizations filter sidebar you can now filter orders by organization unit 'Name' or 'Backend ID'.

🔧 Fixed

  • The OU filters in the Orders chapter now takes the right functionality into account: Orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the Has cancelled orderlines filter did not return the expected results.
  • Typing a negative amount into the Min/Max search filter slowly will no longer cause an error.


🆕 Added

Address requirements

A new card called Address requirements has been added to the Logistics tab of an organization unit.

Fiscal settings tab

The fiscal settings tab will now appear as an additional tab under an organization unit (if applicable).

✅ Improved

OU card name change

Under the Basic information tab, the card called Contact information has been renamed to Address information, and the fields: phone number, email address, latitude, and longitude are now displayed under the Basic information card.

Fields when creating OUs

A few fields have been rearranged when creating OUs, namely, phone number, email address, latitude, longitude, country, language, and establishment number.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where saving a custom field prompted back an error message.


🆕 Added

Prioritize subscriptions

Manage the order/list of subscriptions on the front end using the priority field in scenarios where multiple subscriptions exist.

Filter roles

Using the right sidebar filters, filtering the overview of the roles and rights chapter can now be based on a specific permission and scope using the functionality filter.

Inquires tab

A new tab has been added to the Consumers chapter called Inquires.

✅ Improved

External handlers

An indication "External" will now be displayed next to the subscription handler name in the subscriptions overview if external. This is mainly to indicate that the performance/speed of the flow on front end(s) may be impacted as a result of external factors in play.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where custom field translations (if any) were not reflected on the front end (POS) in respective areas.


🆕 Added

E-Commerce filters in Product sets

Product sets now feature an additional card called E-commerce filters. This new card allows you to pre-select product properties to include in your front-end as filters, saving you the effort of making additional API calls.


🆕 Added

Coupon validity

The coupon validity condition now includes more options when it comes to a coupons validity (start and end date).

Add multiple product requirements

The discount condition product requirement can now be added multiple times to the same discount.

✅ Improved

External handlers

An indication "External" will now be displayed next to the subscription handler name (if external) when using the subscriptions field from within the customer discount condition. This is mainly to indicate that the performance/speed of the checkout flow on front end(s) may be impacted as a result of external factors in play.

Default discount condition

The discount condition order amount is no longer default selected when creating a promotion.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where a scanned product (usingPOS App) was kept in a customers checkout basket despite the user opting for the bundle-option where that product is also a part of. The issue occurred only when the initially scanned product had a bundle-option and was linked to a discount that immediately applies to the (product)orderline.


🆕 Added

Additions to Zoned Cycle Counts

The Zoned cycle counts overview in Suite now features a new column displaying the products barcode and the Filters sidebar includes a toggle to switch between Completed and Not completed zoned cycle counts.

Additionally, zoned cycle counts can now be managed via Excel templates as well by means of the familiar Download and Upload functionality.

SFS Deliver tasks

It's now possible to introduce an additional step in your SFS flow: Deliver.

By setting ShipFromStore:DisableAutomaticReceiveShipment to true, this new step will become visible after the Shipping-task is completed. Simultaneously, EVA's automatic receipt after shipping will be disabled for that task. The Deliver-task can be completed once the package has been physically picked up by the carrier.

To ensure these tasks do not start stacking up, any Deliver-task older than the value specified in ShipFromStore:DeliverDeadline (defaults to 3 days) is automatically completed.

Shipment ID in file names

When merging documents in the Print-task, the ShipmentID will now be added to the file name.

✅ Improved

SFS Print tasks

Print tasks as part of SFS tasks can now be completed in the overview in bulk. Additionally, when cancelling a print task as part of a SFS task, EVA will no longer send a cancellation event on the entire task.

🔧 Fixed

  • SFS tasks containing over 50 order lines will now be able to display all of them.