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Drop 69

March 4, 2024

πŸ”‘ Drop notes structure
Categories & sections

The drop notes follow a categorized structure, beginning with Docs to highlight newly added documentation pages. Next, you'll find general changes affecting multiple Apps, succeeded by specific changes for each App individually (e.g., Checkout, Loyalty, Tasks, CFD, etc.). Following this, there's an alphabetical categorization in line with the modules and chapters available in Admin Suite (e.g., Control room, Financials, Orders, etc.).

Each category contains 3 sections: Added, listing any new features or functionalities; Improved, listing any changes made to an existing feature or functionality; and Fixed, listing any bug fixes addressed.

Order by impactfulness

Within each category, entries are listed in a way we think are most impactful to least.

No change = No notes

In some instances, a drop may include no changes for certain Apps, categories, or sections. In such cases, the corresponding part will not be shown in the notes.

Categories impacted by this drop

Docs - Apps - POS - Tasks App - Checkout App - Loyalty App - CFD - Companion - Compliance - Control room - Finance - Orders - Organizations - People - PIM - Promotions - Stock - Tasks

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πŸ”§ Fixed​

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  • Fixed an issue where some users were continuously prompted with a request to input PIN, followed by a request to restart the App. This process took users through the login and configure PIN flows.
  • The Application page in the Suite App will no longer appear to allow the editing of the Configured URL field for the Watchtower.

POS 2.106.x‍

πŸ†• Added​

Only display stores with product and quantity in stock ​

We've introduced a new App Setting App:PickupAvailability:IncludeOrganizationUnitsWithoutStock. When selecting a pickup point for reserve orders, if set to true or left unset, all stores, including those without stock, will be displayed. Otherwise, if set to false, only the stores with stock and available quantities will be shown.

βœ… Improved​

It is now possible to print RMA invoices for RMA orders, providing an overview of products and quantities requested by the store.

Return order improvements ​

If an order contains return order lines, POS will not allow users to change the line action type from Carry out to any other types.

Additionally, POS will display the return label on the order line in red, as well as display the line action type on every order line.

Return in local mode ​

Previously, in Local Mode, we removed the Return button in the Basket. In order to maintain consistency, we have now also removed the Return button on the product detail page for processing order line returns.

Hide transfer orders ​

With the new setting App:Orders:HideTransferOrders, we are introducing a new filter to Search orders. When set to true, we filter out the internal transfer orders by default. When set to false or unset, we don't filter out transfer orders.

Ignore input when unchecked ​

The Confirm button will now be disabled only if the email address is invalid and either the Email invoice or Email receipt box is checked. The Confirm button will be enabled for unchecked checkboxes.

Block resubscription and unsubscription ​

When displaying customer subscriptions, POS will now filter out subscriptions for which the user was once subscribed but cannot resubscribe.

You can block users from unsubscribing altogether when the IsUnsubscribeAllowed property from GetUserSubscriptions is set to false.

EVA Pay Local QR on Terminal ​

When POS is in Local Mode, it is now possible to display the EVA Pay Local QR code on the terminal.

When the setting App:Payment:ShowQROnTerminal is set to true, and the current station does not have a CFD, the QR code will be displayed on the terminal.

Selling giftcards with only an e-mail ​

When selling giftcards through POS, employees now have the option to add only an email address to the order instead of attaching a customer.

Disable returns for users without permissions ​

When a user doesn't have permissions for returns, we now display text to inform them that they aren't authorized to do so.

Employee SSO login ​

From now on, the only SSO options shown at login are those that apply to employees.

Prevent lock screen during interaction ​

Where there is input from CFD, for example, a customer using it to fill out data, POS will no longer lock its screen based on the App:Session:LockTimeout setting.

Add to basket disabled until variant selected ​

To avoid confusion, the Add to basket button will be disabled for configurable products until a variant has been selected.

Support for PDF417 and Aztec 2D for Scandit scanner ​

POS now supports the PDF417 and Aztec 2D codes format for the Scandit scanner. These are mainly used in travel documents, such as boarding passes.

In order for these to be active, your Scandit LicenseKey key needs to include them, and the formats need to be added to the existing App:Scanner:SupportedSymbologies setting. Take note that if these do not match, the scanner will not function.

Submitting empty dates when creating or editing customers ​

POS will now allow users to submit empty values for Date and DateTime fields when creating or editing a customer.

New icon for giftcards ​

A new icon has been implemented for giftcards to bring clarity during checkout when applying payment methods.

ZReports ​

As announced in the EVA Core drop 2.0.725 we've made the necessary changes for printing a ZReport from within the POS.

As such, the Reports button was renamed to X/Z Reports.

Remove Warehouse stock from Stores near by tab ​

We've removed the Warehouse line from the Stores near by tab on the product detail page.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

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  • Fixed an issue where custom fields were not displayed for customer cases.
  • Fixed an issue where cases were not displayed upon revisiting customer cases.

Tasks App 1.80.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Full stock counts​

We've made several improvements to full stock counts, of which some are UI changes but some are functional.


Instead of a full-screen scanner, we now display it in a smaller form, which will in turn offer more room for:

  • a Previously counted section;
  • Last counted section;
  • an Add manually button, which replaces the 'looking glass' icon.

Furthermore, when leaving the task, you will now be offered the option to save your progress. Progress will be saved automatically if the App is exited. Both allow you to continue where you left off when opening the task again.

Cycle count visibility​

There are two kinds of tasks when it comes to cycle counting: the actual counting and the confirmation of the task.

Now instead of just displaying an empty Confirmation task screen - which might be confusing, users without the necessary permission (ExecuteZonedCycleCounts) will no longer see the task at all.

Runner tasks​

We've made some slight improvements to the creation of Runner tasks: when creating one for a configurable product, the Add button will now be disabled until you've gone through both Color and Size specifications (if applicable).

Receive goods​

We have made several changes to improve on the UI and the flow of Receive goods tasks.

  • On the Tasks App home screen
    • We now use the ShipmentBackendID instead of the TaskID as visual identifier for Receive goods tasks.
  • Receive Goods task overview screen
    • We've introduced the ShipmentBackendID (PackslipID) field;
    • The accompanying text for a detailed inspection will change based on wether a count has started (so either "Start detailed inspection" or "Continue detailed inspection");
    • Replaced the 'checkmark' icon with a Proceed button (to indicate there is a next step / you don't complete and close the task by clicking this).
  • Detailed inspection scanner
    • This used to be a full-screen view, where only your last-scanned item was visible (instead of a list of counted items);
    • Instead, we now display a half-screen scanner, showing your count history;
    • The item scanned last will feature a quantity selector;
    • Take note that you can also manually change the count on the Product detail page.

Additionally, we're updating the flow based on the value of the ReceiveMethod setting.

  • ReceiveMethod setting behaviour
    • When ReceiveMethod is set to Manual, the Proceed button is greyed out until inspection has started;
    • When ReceiveMethod is set to Automatic (and Unified orders is enabled), the detailed inspection link will not show;
    • When ReceiveMethod is set to UserDefined, the Proceed button is available to fully receive the shipment without scanning, while the inspection link is available in case you want to count the shipment.

Supported symbologies in Scanner​

To support specific situations requiring other symbologies, such as scanning boarding passes, the Scandit scanner can now make use of the following symbologies: aztec and pdf417.


First ensure your Scandit license includes the use of the new aztec and pdf417 symbologies. Once it does, you can include them in the App setting App:Scanner:SupportedSymbologies. Take note that setting's values must match what's included in your license, or the scanner will not work properly.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

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  • Fixed an issue where an error message contained a visible line break.
  • Fixed an issue where the deadline value was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Logistics module would be hidden when there were no active tasks.

Checkout App 1.80.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Partial payments and refunds with Tap2Pay ​

With the new setting App:TapToPay:AllowPartialPayment, we now allow partial payments and refunds to be made using Tap to Pay. When set to true, orders can be partially paid and refunded using Tap to Pay. When unset, or set to false, this will not be possible.

Hide transfer orders ​

Like in POS, with the new setting App:Orders:HideTransferOrders, we are introducing a new filter to Search. When set to true, internal transfer orders are filtered out by default. When set to false or unset, we do not filter out transfer orders.

View SoldBy employee ​

For employees with the Employees functionality and the View option checked, if the SoldBy checkout option is also enabled, employees can see the SoldBy line and the associated user, essentially identifying who made the sale.

Startup screen ​

A startup screen is now implemented for the Checkout App, letting the users know that it's still loading. A progress bar is shown, and if there are any connectivity issues during this, the user will be informed.

Employee SSO login ​

From now on, the only SSO options shown at login are those that apply to employees.

Disable adding customers non-sales order ​

For Return to Supplier or Interstore orders, the 'Add customer' button will no longer be displayed. The button will only be visible for sales orders.

Selling giftcards with only an e-mail ​

When selling giftcards through the Checkout App, employees now have the option to add only an email address to the order instead of a customer.

Disable returns for users without permissions ​

When a user doesn't have permissions for returns, we now display text to inform them that they aren't authorized to do so.

For Return to Supplier orders, we have now introduced the option to print and reprint Return to Supplier receipts.

Prevent accidental customer removal ​

When tapping on the 'customers' icon in your basket, with a customer already attached, the Customer details modal opens to display a Remove customer from order button.

By adding this extra step, it helps prevent accidental customer removal.

When you add a customer to the order, a toaster notification is displayed, confirming that they have been added to the order

ThermalPaymentProof ​

Thermal Payment Proof is no longer in use, and it will no longer be possible to print.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

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  • Fixed an issue where, when scanning a completed or open order via Orders, a success scanning sound was heard, but no match was displayed.

Loyalty App 1.80.x‍

πŸ†• Added​

Add to order button​

From the Customer details page, the option to add the open customer/user to a basket on the Checkout App is now available.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where the custom field barcode identifier was being based on the Backend ID rather than on the value of the custom field.
  • Fixed an issue where the create customer flow did not adhere to the value of the setting App:Customer:AccountType. More about this setting can be found here.

CFD 2.26.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Display first name only on CFD ​

For privacy reasons, when searching for a customer, scanning a customer card from the CFD, or adding a customer from POS, the customer information displayed on CFD will show only the first name.

Block resubscription and unsubscription ​

Like in POS, when displaying customer subscriptions, CFD will now filter out subscriptions for which the user was once subscribed but cannot resubscribe.

You can block users from unsubscribing altogether when the IsUnsubscribeAllowed property from GetUserSubscriptions is set to false.

Prevent lock screen during interaction ​

Where there is input from CFD, for example, a customer using it to fill out data, POS will no longer lock its screen based on the App:Session:LockTimeout setting.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where the Debug View could no longer be opened.
  • Fixed an issue where CFD would crash when camera permissions were not allowed.

Companion 1.56.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Add to bundle or as a separate product ​

When scanning a product that is part of a bundle, a new modal has been implemented. You can now decide whether to add it to the bundle or as a separate product on its own order line.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where the Add product to bundle modal would appear for products that are not part of a bundle.

Admin Suite 0.38.x‍

βœ… Improved​

UI styling updates​

Various styling updates have been introduced to the main navigation side pane across different areas of the Admin Suite. This includes changes in color, font, size, spacing, and hover effects. No functionalities or features were impacted as a result of these styling updates.

Delete modal UI​

The "Delete modal" across various chapters of Admin Suite is now consistent in terms of UI and the "Are you sure" delete warning (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

New lyra status labels ​

We've replaced all status labels in the Admin Suite with the new Lyra status labels. The Apple colors will remain the same, while white and black have been phased out.

Organization unit/set toggle component​

The organization unit set toggle component in cards has received some UI improvements (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements made on cards OU toggle component
  • The width of the toggle buttons are now aligned with the dropdown.
  • Selecting an organization unit set will display a cautionary text "This change will affect all organization units included in this set".
  • The buttons are no longer blue colored.

The above changes impact the following cards:

  • Custom field settings: create / edit modal
  • Cycle count zone groups: create / details page
  • Reasons: create / update form
  • Attach organization unit set to role set modal
  • Return to supplier: create / details page
  • Shipping restrictions: create / edit modal
  • Subscription: details page and add / edit row modal
  • User requirement: create / edit modals
  • Permissions card: create / edit modals
  • Zoned cycle counts schedules: create / edit modals
  • Allocation: create modal

Overview badges​

In a few areas of Admin Suite Grey badges were used in overviews. The use of badges has been removed, and the fields are now displayed as plain text.

This is a UI improvement hence, no features impacted as a result of this UI update.

Expand to see areas where this has been implemented
InfrastructureFiscal station
Payment methodsMethods tab -> code
Payment methodsTypes tab -> code & print
Price listsIncludes VAT
General ledger accountsType
Income and expenseAmount type
Custom fieldsType
Export logs (Orders module)Type
Roles and rightsCode
Product bundlesCustomizable
Custom requirementsHas product requirements
Personalized promotionsLock after first apply
Return to supplierRequested returns tab -> Has shiplines?
Purchase ordersAll columns except for "Status" and "Custom status"
ShippingMethods & costs tab -> Carrier and Handler
Full stock countExternal FSC and During opening hours
Reasons (Tasks module)Is system
Settings & App settingsValue

Module header​

The module name in the header has been removed from the following chapters, and as a result, any action buttons have been slightly moved to the top right corner.

Expand to see impacted chapters
  • Watchtower
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Async requests
  • Invoices
  • Pricelists
  • Currencies
  • Tax management
  • General ledger accounts
  • General ledgers
  • Financial periods
  • Income and expense
  • Giftcards
  • Settlements
  • Cookbook recipes 2.0
  • Cookbook events
  • Orders
  • Orchestration
  • Export logs
  • Custom order statuses
  • Custom order types
  • Organization sets
  • Custom fields
  • Opening hours templates
  • Opening hours types
  • Companies
  • Employees
  • Roles and rights
  • Consumers
  • Subscriptions
  • Inquiries
  • Case management
  • Product bundles
  • Product relations
  • Product sets
  • Units of measure
  • Products
  • Custom requirements
  • Layers
  • Personalized promotions
  • Campaigns
  • Templates
  • Replenishments
  • Allocation
  • Assortments
  • Purchase orders
  • Order fulfillments
  • Product capacity plans
  • Stock locations
  • Cycle count zones
  • Cycle count zone groups
  • Zoned cycle counts schedules
  • Zoned cycle counts
  • Full stock count

Remove duplicated translations ​

We've removed duplicated translations in the Admin Suite to ensure the correct translation is always displayed.

Expand to see impacted chapters
  • Single sign-on
  • Infrastructure
  • User requirement sets
  • Custom Fields
  • Assortments
  • Orders overview
  • Product relations
  • Promotion engine

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue with the organization unit set select component that occurred when a set was selected while on the single organization unit segmented button. This resulted in the segmented button automatically changing to the organization unit set option. This issue was addressed in several areas of Admin Suite, including:
    • the Settings create page;
    • App Settings create page;
    • Supplier relations create modal;
    • Replenishments download page;
    • Audit files create modal.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of borders on tables in Admin Suite.


πŸ—ΊοΈ Compliance by country​

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spain

βœ… Improved​

Compliant in Spain​

New and improved step-by-step configuration docs are now available for compliance in Spain.

Control room‍

πŸ†• Added​

Watchtower monitor​

We've introduced a new monitor called Watchtowers. By creating a script you can now create custom monitors to, for example, keep track of when a Watchtower goes offline.

For more information, see Extension points.

Scripted orders monitor​

Linking an existing script or creating a new one to the Scripted orders monitor is now possible.

βœ… Improved​

Manage Cultures in Admin Suite ​

You can now manage Cultures in Admin Suite's Control room module. Previously, this was not possible via the front-end.

Read more about Cultures here.

Stencil cleanup​

We've cleaned up the UI of the entire Partial and Layout tabs, removing any irrelevant tabs to improve clarity.



  • Example Data block
  • Preview icon/button
  • Header tab
  • Footer tab
  • Sample Data tab


  • Example Data block
  • Header tab
  • Footer tab
  • Helpers tab
  • Sample Data tab

Assembly name to Default​

When adding a new thermal printer or cash drawer device in the Infrastructure chapter, the Assembly name field will now lead to Default when left empty.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Working with the PDF details card in a PDF destination Stencil will no longer sometimes crash.
  • After updating a scheduled task, the page will now always update automatically.


πŸ†• Added​

Payment types in Settlements​

EVA now allows for filtering on Payment types in the Payment settlements chapter.

OrderID in Invoice lines​

The Invoice lines card in invoices now feature an additional column: Order ID.

βœ… Improved​

Amount paid in EVA Pay Order overview ​

When a partial payment has been made via EVA Pay, we now display both the paid and outstanding amounts in the order overview.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • We've gone over all cash drawer settings, ensuring they all work together as we'd expect they do.
  • The Download button in the Financials period's Documents card will no longer sometimes cause an infinite rendering loop.


βœ… Improved​

Hide cancelled order lines for returns ​

When creating a return order, canceled order lines will not be displayed.

Total items filter ​

We've introduced a new filter called Total items to the Orders Filter card. You can set the minimum and maximum values; this will filter the orders based on the number of items in each order.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
- Fixed an issue where switching OUs when creating a return, you would is still be logged into the previous OU. - Fixed an issue where viewing the Related orders modal from the **Availability** line in the ***Product*** tab would clear the table.


βœ… Improved​

Organizations functionalities​

A more functionality-based approach has been implemented regarding user functionalities and scope when managing organizational units. More information on organization functionalities can be found here.

Maximum characters exceeded warning​

When creating/updating an OU field, the UI will now display a warning when the input exceeds the fields maximum of allowed characters.


βœ… Improved​

Default value of the "Deactivate after" field​

In the role details, the field Deactivate after is no longer prefilled with a value of 0.

Awaiting third party default case status​

The Case status Awaiting third party is no longer a system default status therefore, deleting it is now possible.

Cases default system statuses​

The Case status system default status can no longer be deleted or edited.

βœ… Improved​

Changes to the Plugin chapter ​

We've renamed the Plugin chapter to Supplier product upload and added a warning to notify employees about the required OU type: External supplier.


πŸ†• Added​

Searching products​

EVA now offers two ways of searching by products in the Stock overview.

  • The standard Add products modal accessed via the Products card, allowing you to search on a specific product;
  • A string type search via the Search term filter in the Miscellaneous card, allowing you to display all related products.

Workspaces in Stock Overview and Mutations​

Both the Stock overview and Stock mutations now offer an improved UI and allow for better organization of the overviews' columns as well as saving it the new corresponding workspaces.

Available columns

Stock overview​

  • Product (default)
  • StockLabel (default)
  • OU (default)
  • Quantity on hand (default)
  • Quantity available (default)
  • Quantity committed (default)
  • Cost (default)
  • SalesPrice (default)
  • TotalAmount (default)
  • BackendID
  • CustomID

Stock mutations​

  • Product (default)
  • Date (CreationTime)(default)
  • CreatedBy (CreatedBy.FirstName+LastName)(default)
  • Quantity (MutationQuantity)(default)
  • Cost Price (UnitCost)(default)
  • From ( (default)
  • To ( (default)
  • Reason ( (default)
  • Remark (Remark) (default)
  • BackendID (product.backendID)
  • CustomID (product.customID)

Shipping: handlers and UI​

While updating the UI of the Shipping chapter, we've also introduced the ability to select a Handler in the creation/edit stage of a shipping method.

Watchtower monitor​

The Monitors chapter now also features a dedicated Watchtower section. This will allow you to track the status of your Watchtowers, by means of scripts as displayed in our Extension point docs.

βœ… Improved​

Stock locations UI​

While making the Stock locations ready to work with the new stock label services, we've updated its UI as well.

No functional changes have been made, aside from that the Full stock count will now only allow for selecting stock labels you indicated as being "Full stock countable" in this new UI.


Aside from updating the UI, we've made some alterations to align it to what's possible via the Excel upload.


We added the ability to Delete a replenishment product inside its Set min max modal. Furthermore, it's now possible for the Minimum quantity and Max fields to be equal; not specifying a maximum value will copy the value from the former field.


We've made some updates to our Watchtower chapter UI, displaying more relevant fields, columns and cards as well expanding upon the filters.

  • The overview shows additional columns:
    • OU status
    • Country
    • Watchtower status (instead of both IO and Liveguard status)
    • Last online
    • Actions, allowing for direct communication with the Watchtower (via the Terminal)
  • We have added additional cards in the Watchtowers' details
    • System status, showing lots of general information such as Uptime and Latency
    • Tasks, showing the progress of the various synchs
    • Client versions, showing the different versions
    • Network interfaces, showing all kinds network addresses

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where the page for the Replenishments chapter would grey out after refreshing.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a specific variation of a product in the Replenishments chapter did not lead to the right product in the grid view.
  • The Stock overview page will now give the cost prices related to the OU ID of the request in the header of the service.

    previously we displayed the costs prices related to the root OU - which was incorrect

  • The Not in assortment modal will no longer be displayed in a tiny modal.


βœ… Improved​

Display checkmarks​

We now display checkmarks in the chapter names when there are more tasks to be performed.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Updating the Interval days in a Zoned cycle count schedule will now work regardless of the specified value.