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Drop 70

April 3, 2024

🔑 Drop notes structure
Categories & sections

The Drop notes are categorized as follows:

General changes affecting multiple Apps; next up are specific changes for each App individually (e.g. Checkout App); followed by modules in Admin Suite which have seen changes - in alphabetical order.

Each category contains 3 sections: Added listing any new features or functionalities; Improved listing any changes made to an existing feature or functionality; Fixed listing any bug fixes.

No change = No notes

In some instances, a Drop may include no changes for certain Apps, categories, or sections. In such cases, the corresponding part will not be shown in the notes.

Categories impacted by this drop

Apps - POS - Tasks App - Checkout App - Loyalty App - CFD - Companion - Admin Suite - Compliance - Control room - Finance - Orders - Organizations - People - PIM - Promotions - Stock - Tasks

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✅ Improved

Translatable configurable properties

To facilitate translations for configurable properties, both POS and Checkout App now support displaying these names based on the ConfigurablePropertyDisplayName instead of ConfigurableProperty.

For more information, please see Giving your custom properties another name in front ends or EVA Core drop 2.0.724.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where in some instances users were logged out when attempting to switch OU's or stations.

POS 2.108.x

🆕 Added

Fiscal ID validation (Italian organization units only)

The Fiscal ID tile for organization units in Italy will now validate the inputted Fiscal ID value against a character count, returning error messages if necessary:

  • For B2C transactions, the validation checks if the Fiscal ID consists of 16 alphanumeric characters.
  • For B2B transactions, the validation checks if the Fiscal ID consists of 11 numerical characters.

Air Printing Support for Global Blue

For users of Global Blue, it is now possible to utilize the default Apple AirPrint functionality to print a Global Blue form.

Tax exemption verification field

It is now possible to prompt a Verification detials string field when a tax exemption reason applies. More on this here.

✅ Improved

Essential setting change for POS scanner

One of the essential settings impacting which scanner is being applied (Apple or Scandit) has been changed from App:POS:ScannerProvider to the generic setting App:ScannerProvider. For users currently using Scandit scanners, it is important to make this update. Otherwise, scanners will automatically default to the Apple scanner.

Expanded customer details in basket

The customer details in the basket overview's right pane are now expanded by default.

Previously, users had to manually tap the customer name to expand the menu and view the details (email, date of birth, etc.).

Icons consistency

To ensure UI consistency, several icons in the top and side bars have been updated throughout the App and within various flows (no features have been impacted as a result of this UI update).

Backend ID on Cases

The BackendID field is now optional when creating a customer case. Previously, it was mandatory.

Rearranged Verification Steps

The verification steps for closing the financial period have been rearranged. Unprocessed orders and Partially paid orders are now listed at the top, whereas previously they were at the bottom.

Blocking overpayments

POS now takes into account any custom payment methods which include Block overpayments.

Display of stock levels

The stock level displayed for configurable products (parent products) will now include the total amount of sellable stock. This makes it consistent with the way we display stock for normal products.

Additionally the current store will no longer be displayed in the External stores section if the only stock available is at the current one.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue for Global Blue users where Apple's native keyboard persisted in some instances after filling out a form.
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to initiate returns for referenced orders for quantities of products higher than the originally purchased quantity.
  • Fixed an edge case where, if POS was rebooted while in local mode, it would not reconnect to the EVA cloud once the connection was restored.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when the setting App:Pos:DisableNavigationOnOpenAmount was set to true, where employees were still able to access the profile management modal. This led to a navigation issue where users were stuck on the profile management page. Users will no longer have the option to manage their profile during such edge case scenario hence, addressing the issue.
  • Fixed an edge case where, if a user selects a document to print/email, and then unchecks it (leaving all unchecked), the Confirm button to proceed remains greyed out.

Tasks App 1.82.x

🆕 Added

Repair custom fields

Step 3/3 in the New Repair Task now allows for inclusion of Repair custom fields.

Any empty custom fields which are required will block the task from progressing.

✅ Improved

Auto-starting Receive repair task

When opening up a task in the Receive repair section, the task will now automatically be started and assigned to you. Additionally, if another user opens up the same task, that user will be prompted whether a take-over of the task is desired.

SFS tasks UI

We improved a lot about the way bundles, parent/child lines, service products, and products with requirements are shown in the SFS tasks.


Previously, the Tasks App:

  • did not show any service lines nor lines with requirements in the SFS-pack step;
  • displayed 'groups' of lines with a long group UID.

We've changed the Tasks App to:

  • create a SFS-pack task if a regular (stock) product with requirements is present in the order;
    • this way EVA can show all lines with requirements in the SFS-pack step, instead of spreading them between the pick and pack step
  • display service lines and lines with requirements in the SFS-pack step;
  • show children of lines indented under their parent;
  • no longer display 'groups' with the long group UID in the SFS-pick/pack steps.

RTS tasks

The RTS task flow has seen some slight functional improvements.

  • The Include/Exclude functionality will now adhere to your value in the Orders:ReturnToSupplier:UseExcludePolicyOnShipment setting when scanning.
  • Additionally, when a product is found, a quantity selector will be set to the amount remaining on either the included or excluded line.
  • Scanning a product which should not be in the shipment, will display a warning toaster.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Header sizes will remain consistent throughout the App.
  • Other employees can now be assigned to tasks which haven't started yet, without prompting an error.
  • When creating a Full stock count, you will no longer be able to select any labels which are not full stock countable.
  • Reservation (AKA Click & Collect) tasks will now display service / custom requirement lines in the right step of the task.

Checkout App 1.82.x

🆕 Added

Payment method(s) overview in the Order details page

A new section showing the order's used payment method(s) and the respective status has been added to the Order Details page.

Air Printing Support for Global Blue

For users of Global Blue, it is now possible to utilize the default Apple AirPrint functionality to print a Global Blue form.

Tax exemption verification field

It is now possible to prompt a Verification detials string field when a tax exemption reason applies. More on this here.

✅ Improved

Faster Tap to Pay

The Tap to Pay payment method will now be preloaded. This means that when used by store employees for the first time during the day, it can be used straight away.

Blocking overpayments

You can now configure the Payment settings of custom payment methods to include Block over payments.

Add-to-Cart Icon

To ensure UI consistency across apps, a new add-to-cart icon has been introduced (no features have been impacted as a result of this UI update).

Easier QuickBuy configuration

We have made it easier to configure QuickBuys.


You can now configure QuickBuys wholly via Admin Suite, meaning you no longer have to use APIs.

Mind that this now works for the Checkout App, but POS is slated to get the same treatment during the next release.

For an overview of both ways of configurings QuickBuys, please see our QuickBuy docs.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to reopen the keyboard during an elevation process if it was closed or hidden, requiring them to repeat the flow.
  • Employees can now add and change prices for service products with custom pricing.

Loyalty App 1.82.x

🆕 Added

Add owned product option to "Cases"

The option to Select from bought products is now available when adding a product to a case. Previously, it was only possible to add a product using the Search Product or Search in Customer Orders options.

✅ Improved

Clearer incorrect pincode message

In scenarios where a pincode is used as the login method, a clearer message will now be prompted if the entered pincode is incorrect. Previously, the message stated that the username/email was incorrect without specifying that it was the pincode that was incorrect.

CFD 2.28.x

✅ Improved

Giftcard balance

When checking a giftcard balance on the POS, the balance amount will now be displayed on the CFD as well.

Admin Suite 0.40.x

🆕 Added

User Interface updates (UI)

New user interface elements are being progressively introduced across the Admin Suite. This includes updates to buttons, fonts, chapter icons, status badge coloring, and more, with no impact on functionalities.

(Un)verified email feature

Email addresses can now be verified from the Profile page. Additionally, an indication of email address verification status is now visible next to the email address field in three areas of Admin Suite:

Expand to see impacted areas
  • The Profile page;
  • Consumer chapter -> General information card;
  • Employees chapter -> Employee information.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where the QR code prompted for configuring 2FA using an Authenticator app was not recognized.


🗺️ Compliance by country

🇮🇪 Ireland

Configuration for Ireland

Compliance configuration added for Ireland.

🇮🇹 Italy

🆕 Added

Monthly reconciliation report task

A new task to generate monthly reconciliation reports is now available.

✅ Improved

🆕 Fiscal ID validation (Italian organization units only)

The Fiscal ID tile for organization units in Italy will now validate the inputted Fiscal ID value against a character count, returning error messages if necessary:

  • For B2C transactions, the validation checks if the Fiscal ID consists of 16 alphanumeric characters.
  • For B2B transactions, the validation checks if the Fiscal ID consists of 11 numerical characters.

This is applicable to Admin Suite, POS, and Loyalty App.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Configuration for UK

Compliance configuration added for UK.

Control room

🆕 Added

Entity Field Validators chapter

A new chapter called Entity field validators is now available.

Product search monitor

We've added a new monitor called ProductSearch. This new monitor will allow you to keep tabs on your product search templates, ensuring that they remain consistent even when working with millions of products.


You can configure the monitor to notify you if a product search template does deviate from its previous result. The notification message itself must be setup by means of the ProductSearchMonitorNotification template.

Note that a deviation can be caused due to manual removing of products from an assortment, or it can be higher when a new product is released. Any unexplainable deviations however may warrant the involvement of New Black support.

New fields on claims for SSO

Two new fields have been added to the list of configurable claims for SSO providers. The new fields are Country claim and Language claim.

✅ Improved

Scheduled task logging

Loading the the task's progress in the Scheduled task logs card will now be quicker.

Single sign-on UI

The Single sign-on chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The header of the chapters overview card has been removed. The header previously stated Providers.
  • In the overview the header of one column has been renamed from Enabled to Status and is now the last column. Previously, it was the second column. Further, an enabled status will be displayed as a green badge and grey if disabled.
  • The '+' icon to add a new provider has moved to the top corner next to the 'Collapse sidebar' icon.
  • When creating an SSO provider the IsDefault checkbox has been removed and is now a card on it own titled Primary provider.

Scripting monitors

When creating a Watchtower or Orders monitor, you now have the option not only to link an existing script, but to create a new one directly in Admin Suite, without being redirected to the Scripting chapter.


🆕 Added

Tax exemption verification field

A new checkbox has been added to the Add/Edit flow of tax exmption reasons called Verification required. More on this here.


Zreports (AKA terminal reports) will now also be available in the Documents section of financial periods listed in Admin Suite.

✅ Improved

Saving invalid Cookbook recipes

Saving (or trying to at least) an invalid Cookbook recipe will no longer bring you to back to the overview, but instead display a toaster right away to indicate the recipe is invalid.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred during pending payment instances, where EVA Pay showed a failed payment status rather than pending. This issue is now resolved, and EVA Pay will now display a pending status and wait for an update.


🆕 Added

Filter by Customer Email Address in Order

In the Orders Overview, it is now possible to filter by customer email.

Filter by Organization Unit in Reasons

In the Reasons chapter, it is now possible to filter by organization unit/set.

✅ Improved

More visibility of selected package type on shipments

The selected package type is now displayed on the Shipments overview card in the form of "Package 1 of x - name of package type." Additionally, when editing a shipment's package, the package type based on the initial selection made during creation will be pre-selected.


🆕 Added

Organization unit structure

A new tab has been added to the available tabs of an organization unit: Organization unit structure. The tab provides a parent-child overview of the organization structure.

✅ Improved

Companies information - Visitors address fields

In the Company information section, the required visitor address fields now adjust based on the selected country. For example, the address field 'State' is displayed if the selected country is 'USA'.

Missing Opening hours template indication

The Opening hours tab on the Organization details page will now display a guided message indicating that no opening hours are configured for this organizational unit (if applicable), along with a button that will navigate to the Opening Hours Templates chapter for configuration.


🆕 Added

Is default workspace indication

The Workspaces card of a user now displays an Is default column to indicate whether the workspace is the default one applied to that user or not.

✅ Improved

Visibility Group based on users VBG

For Visibility group users, the visibility group a user falls into is now determined by the visibility group ID of the user itself. Previously, that of the user's primary organization unit or the logged-in organization unit determined the applicable visibility group.

Read more about this in the FAQ section of the Visibility groups docs.

Fiscal ID validation (Italy)

In Italy, when creating or updating consumer details, any input in the Fiscal ID field (if applicable) will now be validated based on whether it consists of 16 characters. An empty field will not block saving the customer details unless the field is a required user requirement.

Interaction logs email preview

On the Consumer's Interaction logs tab, a preview of the email will now be displayed in the modal that appears when the action button of the interaction is clicked.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when filtering by organization unit (OU) on the User Requirement Sets chapter, where the OU Set ID was used instead.


✅ Improved

Removal of deprecated chapters

The following chapters have been removed as planned:

  • Revisions
  • Product information
  • Product properties
  • Layers

For the time being, that is during the run-up to D71, you can still navigate towards these chapters via the Proposal chapter in Admin Suite.


🆕 Added

Frontend for financial implications on "Free product"

It is now possible to configure the financial implications of a product set discount action for "Free product" via the frontend, whereas previously, this was only possible via backend services.

Additional discount information with Custom Fields

Discount custom fields can now be used to display extra information related to a discount.


🆕 Added

Uploading initial inventory

The Purchase orders chapter now includes functionality to upload initial inventory for an OU.

This means you no longer have to do so via the InitialReplenishment API call.

Assortment Code field

The filed Code, representing the assortment code has been added to the assortment overview. Additionally, it is now possibile to add/edit that field.

✅ Improved

Columns in Availability

The Availability chapter has seen some changes to the columns in product's details screens: we've renamed the Effective quantity available to Quantity available** and did some slight remapping to the make the existing column names more applicable.

Addresses in Logistics card

The Logistics card in the sidebar of a purchase order will now also include the supplier and receiver addresses for easy verification.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • All lines in a purchase order can now be added and displayed in a shipment, regardless of the number of lines.
  • The Target selection when uploading a new supplier relation in the Allocation chapter will no longer lead to an error after its list of targets has been expanded.


✅ Improved

Product requirements in pack-step

The Ship from store's pack-step will now clearly include and display any products with requirements.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Only labels which are Full stock countable can now be added to the FSC.
  • Uploading a FSC Excel successfully will no longer lead to an error.