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Drop 68

February 5, 2024

๐Ÿ”‘ Drop notes structure
Categories & sections

The drop notes follow a categorized structure, beginning with Docs to highlight newly added documentation pages. Next, you'll find general changes affecting multiple Apps, succeeded by specific changes for each App individually (e.g., Checkout, Loyalty, Tasks, CFD, etc.). Following this, there's an alphabetical categorization in line with the modules and chapters available in Admin Suite (e.g., Control room, Financials, Orders, etc.).

Each category contains 3 sections: Added, listing any new features or functionalities; Improved, listing any changes made to an existing feature or functionality; and Fixed, listing any bug fixes addressed.

Order by impactfulness

Within each category, entries are listed in a way we think are most impactful to least.

No change = No notes

In some instances, a drop may include no changes for certain Apps, categories, or sections. In such cases, the corresponding part will not be shown in the notes.

Categories impacted by this drop

Docs - Apps - POS - Tasks App - Checkout App - Loyalty App - CFD - Admin Suite - Compliance - Control room - Finance - Orders - Organizations - People - PIM - Promotions - Stock - Tasks - Onboarding Portal - Return Portal

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๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

App setting for translatable titles for variations โ€‹

For Checkout App and POS, when the new App Setting App:ConfigurableProduct:LegacyMode is set to true, we look at the logical level and display translatable titles for color and size variations. If the setting is either unset or set to false, or if it pertains to variations outside of color and size, we will instead show the value from the ConfigurableProperty.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

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  • Fixed an issue within the Suite Apps where, when switching environments in one of the three logged-in apps, the others failed to switch accordingly. Instead, they were redirected to the setup page.
  • Fixed an issue within Checkout App and POS where prices were shown as "NaN" when missing a display price. Now, "Price not set" will be displayed in its place.

POS 2.104.xโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Display distance in milesโ€‹

You can now display the distance between stores in miles on the Stores nearby tab. When the new App Setting App:DistanceUnit:ShowMiles is set to true, the unit here will be displayed in miles. Otherwise, it defaults to false and displays in kilometers.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Local mode modal design improvementsโ€‹

A new design has been implemented for the Local mode modal.

Expand to see scenarios

In the following scenarios, the modal appears:

  • On unsupported pages on POS, the modal shows up and redirects the employee to the basket.
  • On supported pages on POS, the modal shows up and allows the employee to continue on the current page.
  • When transitioning from Local mode to EVA Cloud and returning back to Local mode, the modal reappears.

You can find the list of unsupported and supported pages here.

EVA Pay in Local mode instructionsโ€‹

In instances where offline payments need to be made in Local mode, a new modal has been introduced to guide employees on navigating EVA Pay.

Expand to see details

The new modal displays the following tabs:

  • Information tab: Provide details on how to use it
  • Enter code tab: Allows entry of the payment confirmation code received from the customer.
  • Scan QR tab: Permits scanning of the payment confirmation QR received from the customer.
  • Show QR tab: Display the same QR found on the CFD or Terminal on POS.

Apply return reason for gifted productsโ€‹

Previously, despite checking Use answers for all return products, POS did not apply the return reason and stock location for gifted products. Now, when checked, POS applies the same reason and location for gifted products as it does for regular products.

Unconnected CFD messageโ€‹

If a CFD had been previously configured for a station but is currently unpaired or unavailable, a message is displayed at the top of the basket, redirecting users to set up their CFD.

Reminder to close financial periodโ€‹

After closing all the cash drawers and stations, POS will display a pop-up to remind employees to close the current financial period.

Previously, a pop-up was displayed directly after opening the financial period, prompting users to close said period before they got a chance to open the cash drawers and stations.

Support for e-mailing receiptsโ€‹

Thanks to backend improvements, POS now supports emailing receipts after completing an order.

Highlight product with requirements in bundleโ€‹

When configuring product bundles with custom requirements, the order line will be highlighted in red, and a red line of text will be displayed beneath the field, indicating that there is a requirement.

Base search results on selected countryโ€‹

POS will autocomplete the address search with results based on the country of the shipping/billing address. This applies even when you select a country that is not the OU country.

Custom fields updating after savingโ€‹

Previously, when employees removed product requirements from the basket and pressed the Update in basket button, the removed values would remain. Now, upon removing the values and updating the basket, the field will be correctly left empty.

Cash drawer amount warningโ€‹

With the new App Setting App:Checkout:ValidateCashDrawerAmount, you can decide whether it's possible to refund a higher amount in cash than what is currently available in the cash drawer.

When this setting is set to true, you won't be able to refund an amount higher than what is inside the cash drawer. When it is unset or set to false, it will be possible to refund even without enough cash.

Check Mark as Pending by defaultโ€‹

When the new App Setting App:BankDeposits:DefaultPending is set to true, the Mark as Pending box for cash deposits will be checked by default. Otherwise, when unset or set to false, this will not be checked.

This helps prevent human errors while awaiting the deposit to be physically taken to the bank.

Improved VAT-number validation messageโ€‹

Previously, during checkout, when you add your tax registration number, you received one-word responses indicating the outcome. We have now introduced new messages to convey possible responses, offering greater clarity for store associates.

Bundle configuration word choiceโ€‹

When first configuring a bundle, POS will now display the Add bundle to basket button. The Update bundle configuration button will only be displayed when reconfiguring a bundle.

Previously, the Update bundle configuration button was used in both scenarios.

POS behavior when CFD is in passive modeโ€‹

We previously introduced passive mode to the CFD, we've since made improvements to how POS interacts with it. When App:CFD:IsPassive is set to true, neither the Search on CFD nor Onboarding button is displayed.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

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  • Fixed an issue where, after canceling the payment on POS, the EVA Pay QR still remained visible on the CFD.
  • Fixed an issue where the return reason was not mandatory when creating a return.
  • Fixed an issue where POS displayed the incorrect amount of quantity available.

Tasks App 1.78.xโ€

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Total unique products in Received goodsโ€‹

The Received goods task will now display "Total unique products" instead of "Total products", for increased clarity.

Sorting of expected goods based on expected delivery dateโ€‹

The overview of Expected goods in the Receive goods chapter now sorts the expected deliveries based on their expected delivery date, instead of their creation time.

The closest date will be displayed on top, which should make it a little easier to plan ahead for receiving the deliveries in stores.

Create FSC button visibilityโ€‹

The Full Stock Count option in the New Task section will no longer be shown for employees without the necessary Create scope for the functionality.

Display product requirements on childrenโ€‹

The Pack-step of a Ship from Store, Reservation and Click & Collect flow will now clearly display all product requirements on child lines, instead of just the ones on parent lines.

'Jumping' lines when pickingโ€‹

The order of the lines to pick in a Ship from Store Pick-task will no longer change when picking items with multiple quantities.

Checkout App 1.78.xโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

New setting to hide possible discountsโ€‹

With the new App Setting App:Search:ShowDiscounts, you can now choose whether to hide possible discounts in the product search view. When set to true, we display all the potential discounts; otherwise, it defaults to false, and they're hidden.

Support for e-mailing receiptsโ€‹

Thanks to backend improvements, Checkout App now supports emailing receipts after completing an order.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Display quantity in storeโ€‹

When selecting products with variations, the quantity displayed can be either the internal stock or the delivery stock, depending on the product status.

If the product status is DisableDelivery, the internal stock quantity is shown. However, if the statuses are DeliveryOnly or DisablePickup, then the delivery stock quantity is displayed. If neither is indicated, both quantities are shown.

External Stock view improvementsโ€‹

We've made several improvements to the External Stock modal on the product detail page.

Expand to see improvements
  • If a product has no internal or external stock, neither results nor the View Map button will be displayed and vice versa.
  • In case a product has no internal or external stock, the search bar will not be available in the modal and vice versa.
  • If a product has stock only in the current store, only the store and its corresponding stock amount will be displayed.
  • The modal will prioritize the current store over others based on distance.
  • For configurable products, stores and stock amounts are displayed based on the selected variation.

Filter based on variationsโ€‹

For products with variations, you can now apply a filter for specific variants (i.e. large, relaxed, slim) directly from the product detail page. This functionality, which was previously available on other Suite Apps, has now been extended to the Checkout App.

Display discount amountโ€‹

After applying a discount, the order line now displays the discounted amount from the original price (numerical figures), and the respective reason when applicable.

Display X/Y size in a gridโ€‹

For products with X/Y dimensions, the sizes are now displayed in grid view.

Sizes with stock availability are highlighted in blue, while unavailable sizes are greyed out. Once a size combination has been selected, the stock quantity is then updated.

Unable to detach customer from return order toasterโ€‹

The Checkout App now displays a toaster when attempting to remove a customer from a return order, providing information on why the removal was not possible.

Reprint thermal receiptโ€‹

You can now reprint thermal receipts directly from the order detail page, accessible via the 'documents' icon in the top right corner. Previously, this functionality was only available in the Print Order Documents modal.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where alphanumeric values weren't accepted when attempting to enter a giftcard number.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made to a customer information (name change) during the checkout process (before payment) did not reflect in the Customer tile at Checkout or in the ODP.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when editing the array values of a custom field, where the entered values did not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect translations were shown for product variations regardless the variation filter selection.
  • Fixed an issue where the error code was not clear after attempting to manually add the same coupon twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the Checkout App was not adhering to the required properties for custom payment methods.
  • Fixed an issue where the value of the setting App:CustomerProductValue was not adhered to across the App where applicable. More on the setting can be found here.

Loyalty App 1.78.xโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Pull to refreshโ€‹

Pull-to-refresh is now possible in the Customer details page. Doing so will update customer details with any coincidental changes made.

CFD 2.24.xโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Control bundle displayโ€‹

You can now control how bundles are displayed on the CFD. By default, bundles are displayed expanded, revealing all of its order lines. When the new App setting App:CFD:CollapseBundles is set to true, bundles will be displayed in a closed and compacted form.

New property on Contentful for subscriptionsโ€‹

In Contentful, the possibility to add a new property in your CountrySettings for a subscription is now possible. This can be used to display certain text (example: a privacy policy) that would then be displayed on the CFD during a customers subscription flow.

CFD idle mode behaviorโ€‹

To address instances of any in-store internet outages, and no Watchtower is available to fall back on, if no updates are received from POS/Sales App for 2 minutes, CFD will enter idle mode.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Close debug modeโ€‹

In order to make it easier for store employees to exit debug mode on CFD, we have introduced an 'X' close button.

Display markdown percentageโ€‹

In scenarios where a Sale price Pricelist applies, the CFD will now display the discount on the orderline in percentage value as well. Previously, the CFD would only show the from and to price of the orderline in numerical figures.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue in with downloading resources by increasing its timeout from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Admin Suite 0.36.zโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Simplified Chineseโ€‹

We've added a new language in Admin Suite: Simplified Chinese.

Choice of language also takes into account country: if the country is set to China (or any other language), the language will be set to zh-CN, while the country Hong Kong will result in the zh-HK language.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue in various chapters of Admin Suite where in some instances an error messages was displayed in the filters sidebars stating "Something went wrong...". The error message only displayed to users who did not have the respective view rights for a functionality that would then allow them to view a certain chapter.


โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Fraud chapter removalโ€‹

The Fraud chapter has been removed since it is no longer in use.

๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Compliance by countryโ€‹

๐ŸŒŽ Worldwide

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Emailing thermal receiptsโ€‹

Emailing thermal receipts is now supported.

Invoice sequencing (no auditing provider)โ€‹

A new setting has been added to address situations where no auditing provider is specified, while ensuring compliance with invoice sequencing.

Terminal report auto printingโ€‹

A new setting called Auditing:PrintTerminalReport has been added which allows for auto printing of Z reports with any occurrences of a financial period closure. More on this here.

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท France

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Cash payment limitโ€‹

In scenario where the paying customer has a Country ID outside France, the cash payment limit for orders has been increased from โ‚ฌ1,000.00 (one thousand euros) to โ‚ฌ15,000.00 (fifteen thousand euros), per NF525 regulations.

The cash payment limit of โ‚ฌ1,000.00 (one thousand euros) remains unchanged for other scenarios.

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italy

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Instant lottery QR-codeโ€‹

By means of a setting, the new instant lottery code feature is now supported.

Registering 100% discounted order linesโ€‹

100% discounted order lines will now be invoiced and registered on the Server RT, regardless the order type (endless aisle or a carry-out).

Store ID and name on SDI rejectionsโ€‹

The organization unit ID and Organization unit name will now be included in SDI invoice rejection emails.

Order ID on SDI order XMLโ€‹

A reference to the Order ID has been added to the SDI order XML. The Order ID is now reflected in the field called Causale, under the DatiGenerali and DatiGeneraliDocumento section of the SDI XML.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

  • Fixed an issue where the Server RT document reference on credit notes was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Denominazione attribute from the SDI export displayed Italian organization unit name instead of the Company name that is linked to the Italian organization unit.
๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฑ Poland

Anonymous receipt print upgrade to invoice (behavior)โ€‹

When an anonymous order is placed, an automatic non-fiscal part is included in the issued fiscal receipt (Paragon Fiskalny). E-mailing an invoice becomes available however, once a customer is attached. In such scenario, the Paragon Fiskalny will be upgraded to a PDF invoice and will bear a new invoice number. The invoice number will reference the original Paragon Fiskalny number. Previously, the issued PDF invoice did not reference the fiscal receipt (Paragon Fiskalny) number.

To turn on this referencing behavior, the setting Auditing:UseInvoiceCloning needs to be set to true.

๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Spain

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Unique invoice numbersโ€‹

Invoice numbers in Spain are now computed as follows: OU ID-Document type / Sequence number. Previously, invoice numbers were computed as Document type / Sequence number hence, challenging its uniqueness aspect. Further, in return scenarios an order with FS (Factura Simplificada) will bear an ID-Document type of "FRS" (Factura Rectificada Simplificada), while an order with FS (Factura) will bear an ID-Document type of FR (Factura Rectificada).

Canary island invoice & receipt improvementsโ€‹

PDF invoice: With reference to Canary island implementation, PDF invoices will no longer display the text "Commerciante Minorista". As for receipts, the receipts will now adhere to the region selection made on the Spanish organization unit, if Canary Islands was selected the receipt will display "IGIC" tax rate, if not "IVA" will be displayed.

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Switzerland

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Logic for receipt / invoice issuance with incomplete customer dataโ€‹

Receipt issuance/generation is now permitted when customers with incomplete profile data are added to orders whereas, the customer profile only includes their first name, last name and email address (no billing address available). Previously, such instances blocked receipt &/or invoice generation.

The current logic will allow receipt generation in instances where a customer with an incomplete profile is part of the order. As for the audit file, no customer data will be printed on the receipt hence, the corresponding entry in the audit file will be placed under the header tickets. When the customer does have a billing address specified, an invoice will therefore be created, and the order will appear in the audit file under the header invoices.

Control roomโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Authorization via certificate filesโ€‹

You can now also setup your event exports to authorize by means of certificate files. See Event exports.

Execute scheduled task onceโ€‹

We've added the ability to execute a task in the Scheduled tasks chapter once, preventing the need to setup a schedule first.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Monitors UIโ€‹

The Monitors chapter has received some UI improvements (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • If no monitor is configured, the text "There are no monitors. You can create one by clicking the '+' icon in the right top corner." will be displayed.
  • Details of a monitoring result can be viewed by clicking the corresponding Action button. Previously, this was done by clicking the desired line.
  • The 'i' button hover text used to view details of a monitor now reads "View details" instead of "See details".
  • Within the monitor details, the name of the first card has been changed from Information to General information.
  • Within the monitor details, the button located in the bottom right corner has been renamed to Back to overview instead of Done.
  • Within the monitor details, the Conditions table has been moved from the General information card to now, its own card.

Settings UIโ€‹

The Settings chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The word Setting is now only mentioned once in the chapters main overview. Previously, this was mentioned twice, as a main title and a card title.
  • The first card when updating or viewing setting details has been renamed from General info to General information.
  • Enhanced filter options for a finer search result.

Infrastructure UIโ€‹

The Infrastructure chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The header of the chapters overview card has been removed. The header previously stated Filtered stations.
  • The color coding of values for the fiscal station column has been fixed to gray regardless the value (Yes or No).
  • The '+' icon to create a new station has moved to the top corner next to the filter 'Collapse sidebar' icon.
  • In the station details page, the header of the first card has been changed from Station name to General information, and the fields within have been reorganized.
  • The field called Store has been changed to Organization unit in both the station detail page General information card, and the corresponding edit modal.
  • When adding a device, the modal header has been changed from Create device to Add device.
  • The dropdown for the field Device type now includes a search feature.

API users UIโ€‹

The API users chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The dropdown for the field Role in the filters side pane now includes a search feature.
  • In the Create new API user modal, the bottom right button name has been changed from Save to Create.
  • In the API user detail page, the first card name has been changed from User information to General information.
  • The last field in the General information card has been renamed from Is deactivated to Is active.
  • The search feature in the second card Permissions is now expanded by default.
  • When adding a permission, the modal header is now titled Add permission.
  • A descriptive text stating โ€œThis change will affect all organization units included in this setโ€ has been added when Organization unit set is chosen in the Add permission modal.

Error queue UIโ€‹

The Error queue chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The duplicated chapter header in the overview card has been removed;
  • The republish error icon is now placed in the overview (next to the filter pane) and will become active once an error from the overview is selected. Previously, republishing was only possible from the details page of an error.
  • The column Status pertaining to each error is now color coded based on the status.

App settings UIโ€‹

The App settings chapter has received some UI improvements (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The edit modal is now titled as Edit setting value;
  • The Edit setting value modal now only displays the setting name and value. Previously, organization unit and App fields were displayed here despite being non-editable.

Event exports configurations UIโ€‹

The Event exports configurations chapter has received some UI improvements (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The duplicated chapter header in the overview card has been removed;
  • A consistent font for all card/modal headers;
  • The Status dropdown field to specify whether the event export is enabled or not has been removed and is now available in the form of checkbox. The checkbox is called Enabled.
  • The header of the prompted modal when the Delete button is used now reads Delete export configuration along with an updated cautionary text.

Scripting UIโ€‹

The Scripting chapter has received some UI improvements, along with an updated filter side pane (no features impacted as a result of this UI update).

Expand to see UI improvements
  • The chapter name and header now read Scripting. Previously, the headers read Scripts (Beta);
  • The values of the Active column are now color coded whereas, Yes is green and No is red;
  • In the Advanced editor tab the UI is now split into two cards: General information and Editor;
  • Attempting to edit is now done my means of clicking the 'Pencil' icon of the respective card. Previously, editing could be done instantly and only saved once the Update button was clicked;
  • The Update button from the script detail page has been removed since updating is now done via use of the 'Pencil' icon (check the previous bullet point).


With the removal of the redirect link to Admin 1.0's Stencil chapter, we've removed the beta part from the new chapter.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where updating the script name of an existing script did not save.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting App settings by Last modification date resulted in irregular column width.


โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Display logged-in OU in return modalโ€‹

When performing a return order the behavior of the checkbox Return on original OU can be influenced by means of a setting. More on this here.

Documents file typeโ€‹

Documents (Invoices & Packing slips) will be automatically downloaded with the ".pdf" extension. If multiple documents are being downloaded, they will be bundled together in a zip file with a ".zip" extension. Once extracted, the respective documents will bear the ".pdf" extension.

Previously, downloading those documents didn't bear a specific extension, so ".pdf" had to be manually added to the file name in order to open it.

Display up to 10 return reasonsโ€‹

The dropdown for return reasons will now display up to 10 return reasons. This was previously limited to 5. If you have more than 10 return reasons configured, you can search by typing in the dropdown.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where the order reasons chapter organization unit selector did not adhere to corresponding role functionalities/permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message occurred when attempting to add a *Unit price correction from the reasons chapter. The error message was prompted only when trying to add a unit price correction reason after one had just been created.


๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where adding an organization unit that is already part of an organization unit set to another set resulted in an error.


๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

User type to roleโ€‹

A new dropdown field has been added to roles where a user type can now be specified. More on this here

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where users without the Employees.Delete functionality were still able to delete users of type employee.

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Products chapter to Admin Suiteโ€‹

The Products chapter is now accessible on Admin Suite. Therefore, the redirect to Admin 1.0 will no longer apply when using this chapter.


๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue when using the order amount condition where the excluded products template disappeared when switching between tabs or other conditions.


๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Searching OUs by BackendIDโ€‹

The OU filter in both tabs of the Overview and Mutations chapter now allows for filtering on either Name or BackendID, making it easier to find your OUs by by means of the identifier as known across systems.

Quantity filterโ€‹

We've introduced a Quantity field in the filters in the Stock mutations tab of the Overview and mutations chapter.

This will make it easier to search for discrepancies in your stock mutations.

Showing shipping cost ranges in your front endsโ€‹

It is now possible for your front ends to display a range of shipping costs, even when no shipping address has been attached yet.

For more information, please see Costs.

Choose which columns to display in Replenishmentsโ€‹

You can now use the Replenishment:ProductProperties setting to insert comma-separated PIM properties, which will then become available in the 'Reorganize columns' option in the overview.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Visible scrollbars in Replenishmentsโ€‹

The size matrix in the Set min and max modal in a replenishment product now displays scrollbars for large matrixes. In other words: you no longer need a mouse with a scrollwheel to make proper use of it.

๐Ÿ”ง Fixedโ€‹

Expand to see fix(es)
  • There was an issue where the amounts within the Shipping costs overview for a shipping method did not show decimals if the currency was Albanian Lek (ALL).


๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Hiding the Bin icon in Printโ€‹

The 'bin' icon displayed in the Print tasks overview can now optionally be hidden, by setting App:PrintTasks:HideDelete to true.

โœ… Improvedโ€‹

Use display_value instead of primitive nameโ€‹

The Ship from store and Reservations chapters will now show the display_value instead of the primitive_name throughout their tabs.

Onboarding Portalโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Contentful environmentsโ€‹

Onboarding now supports these of multiple Contentful environments. Read more here.

Return Portalโ€

๐Ÿ†• Addedโ€‹

Authentication skipโ€‹

RTP now allows you to skip authentication when coming from an active session. Read more here.