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Drop 66

November 13, 2023

🔑 Drop notes structure
Categories & sections

The drop notes follow a categorized structure, beginning with Docs to highlight newly added documentation pages. Next, you'll find general changes affecting multiple Apps, succeeded by specific changes for each App individually (e.g., Checkout, Loyalty, Tasks, CFD, etc.). Following this, there's an alphabetical categorization in line with the modules and chapters available in Admin Suite (e.g., Control room, Financials, Orders, etc.).

Each category contains 3 sections: Added, listing any new features or functionalities; Improved, listing any changes made to an existing feature or functionality; and Fixed, listing any bug fixes addressed.

Order by impactfulness

Within each category, entries are listed in a way we think are most impactful to least.

No change = No notes

In some instances, a drop may include no changes for certain Apps, categories, or sections. In such cases, the corresponding part will not be shown in the notes.

Categories impacted by this drop

Docs - Apps - POS - Tasks App - Checkout App - Loyalty App - CFD - Compliance - Control room - Finance - Orders - Organizations - People - PIM - Promotions - Stock - Tasks

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🆕 Development examples

This drop sees the introduction of our first open-sourced frontend development example; eva-register. We've tried setting up a straightforward application that can be forked, re-used, investigated, adjusted, implemented, deployed or disregarded to your own liking.

Take a look at the new docs under Development Examples to learn more and to see what projects are coming up in this regard.


App Suite requires iOS 16.4 to update

iOS version 16.4 or higher is required to update App Suite to version 1.64 onwards.

🆕 Added

Scanning sounds

For the Suite Apps, barcode scanning sounds (valid and invalid) can now be changed. More on this here.

✅ Improved

Pincode synchronization

We've fixed an issue where the pincode was forgotten when restarting the Suite Apps. This was covered here in more details.

POS 2.100.x

✅ Improved

Prevent the closure of financial periods with outstanding partially shipped orders

When attempting to close a financial period, we now notify employees about open Carry out transactions that have been partially paid but not shipped.

Unknown barcode scanning behavior

POS will still attempt to perform a search when an unknown barcode is scanned, and will show a "No match found" if the search returns no results. Previously, POS did not react when unknown barcodes were scanned. More on scanning behavior can be found here.

Delete pending bank deposits

A Delete button has been added and can be used to delete pending cash deposits in POS.

Configure bundle with requirements redesign

We've redesigned how users configure a bundle with (custom) requirements in POS.

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  • When configuring a bundle with requirements for the parent product, we display those requirements in the side pane.
  • When configuring a bundle with custom requirements for a specific product, we show these requirements in the main pane below the respective product. The product card can be expanded to reveal the requirements.
  • Clicking the bundle order line again in the basket and then pressing the Reconfigure bundle button in the side pane will take you back to the bundle configurator. This allows you to adjust your selection and the requirements. To finalize your adjustment, press on Update bundle configuration.

Separate loyalty programs from regular subscriptions

Loyalty programs are now displayed separately from other customer subscriptions in the Subscriptions tab.

Bundle configuration behavior

When configuring a bundle and selecting products for each category, if the maximum quantity is reached, POS will automatically deselect the oldest selection instead of ignoring the most recent one.

Masking (digital) giftcard serial numbers

To enhance security and prevent fraud, the serial numbers of (digital) giftcards are now masked in the POS App where applicable.

Expand to see instances
  • The serial numbers of digital giftcards are masked in:
    • the Basket;
    • the Order Details Page.
  • The serial numbers of physical giftcards are still displayed in the Basket and ODP.
  • The giftcard serial numbers regardless physical or digital are masked in:
    • the return Order Details Page;
    • the return process modal;
    • the return basket.

Connection status toaster

At the login UI in offline scenarios (no WiFi connection), users will now be notified that POS is unable to establish a connection. Previously, no toaster was displayed and tapping login performed no action. Once back online, the toaster will automatically disappear.

Customer card improvements

We've made UX improvements to how the customer card is displayed in POS.

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  • The Edit customer panel has been reorganized.
  • The Customer card in the Basket has been reorganized.
  • New icons have been implemented for the Customer cards and sections across POS.
  • Customer shipping and/or billing address are now displayed in the ledger details modal.

Show full country name in company country label

We now display the full country name for business customer in basket, customer details and editing modals. Previously, only the country code was displayed and not the full name.

Toaster when printing fails

If printing fails, either after payment or through the order detail page, POS will now notify you via a toaster.

Improved clarity on failed payments toasters

When a payment is canceled or fails, whether its partial or to be paid in full, POS will display the message "The payment failed" and emit an error sound.

Show error code in modal

If a backend error occurs, the error code is now displayed in a modal. This improvement facilitates more efficient problem identification and reporting.

PCI question changed

The PCI question has been modified to read, "Did any changes occur based upon the PCI Guidelines in your store today?". It has also been translated into 20 languages and displayed according to the application's language. Previously the question read "Did any changes occur to your PIN/EFT terminal today?".

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where digital giftcards didn't adhere the maximum value specified in the giftcard provider's business rules, allowing the creation of giftcards exceeding the allowed value. POS will now display a toaster notification when the value exceeds the maximum.
  • Fixed an issue where When configuring your POS by logging in with SSO, multiple error toasts are displayed, and the login modal persists even after a successful login.

Tasks App 1.74.x

Correction 14th of November: these improvements to the Tasks App were listed in the Admin Suite's section instead - whoops!

✅ Improved

Working during a full stock count

The App now adheres to the Perform count during opening hours toggle. This means when enabled, employees can continue their work as usual during an FSC.

Scanning barcode to initiate repair task

You can now scan a RepairID barcode to open up the right stage of a repair flow directly. This goes from the Receive task up to the Pick/Ship task.

Color usage when counting

We now display the Counted quantity in green when it matches the expected quantity - this is much clearer than the quantity being red regardless.

Checkout App 1.74.x (Previously Sales App)

🆕 Added

Case Backend ID

The Case Backend ID field is now visible when viewing Cases. Previously, this field was only available via the Case management chapter of Admin Suite.

✅ Improved

No empty signatures allowed

Checkout App will now require a signature for Delivery orders with the SignOrder requirement. Employees cannot proceed with an empty signature on the order.

Masking (digital) giftcard serial numbers

To enhance security and prevent fraud, the serial numbers of (digital) giftcards are now masked in the Checkout App where applicable.

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  • The serial numbers of digital giftcards are masked in:
    • the Basket;
    • the Order Details Page.
  • The serial numbers of physical giftcards are still displayed in the Basket and ODP.
  • The giftcard serial numbers regardless physical or digital are masked in:
    • the return Order Details Page;
    • the return process modal;
    • the return basket.

Default value selection

When a checkout option is configured to have the default value pre-selected, it will be automatically selected, and a checkmark will be displayed. Users can manually select or deselect it as needed.

Show error code in modal

Like in POS, when a backend error occurs in the Checkout App, the error code is now displayed in a modal. This improvement facilitates more efficient problem identification and reporting.

Product requirements visual improvements

We've made visual enhancements to orderlines with custom requirements.

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Texts regarding product variations (such as size and color) and the number of requirements are now in black, while the rest is in grey.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where an error was returned when the same serial number was submitted twice for the same product, even if the order had not been finalized.
  • Fixed an issue where the previous SSO user is automatically logged in, preventing multiple users from using the same device.
  • Fixed an issue where the key OrderOptions.SoldBy was displayed as the unit instead of the translated term "items".

Loyalty App 1.74.x (Previously Customers App)

🆕 Added

Case Backend ID

A field for Case Backend ID is now available when creating or viewing Cases. Previously, this field was only available for input and visible via the Case management of Admin Suite.

Blocking email address edits

Based on a settings value, attempts to edit customers email addresses can be allowed or blocked.

✅ Improved

Language change

Language change requests from manage account will now bypass any mandatory missing user requirements if applicable. Previously, an internal server error message was triggered when users with missing mandatory user requirements tried to change their language without first addressing these requirements.

CFD 2.20.x

✅ Improved

EVA Cloud Configuration

When you start your CFD, it will automatically fetch for the latest EVA Cloud and Watchtower configuration in the background. This automatic download and update process eliminates the need for manual updates every time the app is launched. This allows the CFD to be paired at a store and keep the orders updated, whether a Watchtower is available or not.

Admin Suite 0.32.x

No general changes applied to Admin Suite this drop.


🆕 Added

Supplier partial

A new stencil partial for custom organization unit supplier information on certified invoices is now available.

✅ Improved

OU visibility on Audit files

Generating files from the Audit files chapter now adheres to the requesting users visibility group organization unit rights. If the user does not have rights to view an organization unit, generating an audit file for that organization unit will prompt an error "You are not allowed to execute this request". The same applies to viewing whereas, users will only be able to see audit files for the organization units they have access to.

Event ledgers dropdown

The dropdown list of Event ledger has been enhanced to include more events. Previously, this was a static list.

🗺️ Compliance by country

🇫🇷 France

🆕 Added

Terminal report stencil

A TerminalReport Stencil is now available for France. This enables the printing of X/Z reports.

Loyalty Fields "Certified invoice and audit file"

Fields for loyalty program mutations have been added to the certified invoice stencils (PDF & Thermal). This includes the loyalty program name, points accumulated, and points consumed. The same has been added to the Audit file as well on both order and line level.

🇮🇹 Italy

✅ Improved

Stencil field renaming

The following naming changes have been made to the thermal Certified invoice stencil:

  • "Metoda di Pagamento" is now "Metodo di Pagamento";
  • "Sconto a pagara" is now "Sconto".

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where separate invoice chains for invoices and receipts was not done on store level.
🇵🇹 Portugal

✅ Improved

SAF-T file generation

A few settings can now be used to impact the behavior of how periodic SAF-T files are generated.

🇩🇪 Germany

✅ Improved

Invoice sequencing in Germany

In Germany, the invoice sequencing now adheres to a format of OU_ID-sequence number. This improvement has been introduced to ensure that sequencing remains consistent.

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates

✅ Improved

Certified invoices improvements

The following changes have occurred to the certified invoices of the UAE:

  • The Operator attribute has been removed when it comes to invoices issued for sales made via ecom.
  • The Reference attribute has been removed regardless the selling organization unit unless the invoice is return/credit invoice in which the reference attribute would then apply to refer to the original sales invoice number.
  • The comma in shipping address has been moved to align with how the address is presented under the customer information.

A sample invoice can be seen here.

Control room

✅ Improved

Confirmation required for applying settings to OU sets

When adding a setting that impacts multiple OUs, users will be prompted to confirm that by adding this setting multiple OUs will be impacted. The related message prompted is now more clear whereas, users will now be asked to confirm the number of OUs presented to you before you can save it.

Event export warnings

In theory it's possible to create event exports that result in staggering amounts of exports, which can have real performance impact. This happens when you for example don't specify (or exclude) OUs, or don't specify (or delete) a Message type.

To prevent this, we've implemented messages throughout the chapter to warn you whenever you're trying to configure an export which will lead to impactful scenarios.

Serial number required for non-virtual Watchtowers

When creating a new device in the Watchtower chapter, it is now required to add a serial number whenever the Device is virtual checkbox is not checked. This is to prevent actual Watchtowers being created without a serial number, which cannot be added later on.

Secret keys

Secret keys on Event export configurations are now masked.

Configuring SSO

When configuring a new single sign-on setup, we'll now make it clearer that an Email address claim &/or Nickname is required.

Infrastructure visuals

We've made some quality of life changes, resulting in the Infrastructure chapter being a little easier on the eyes. This entails some color changes and the immediate visibility of all devices, instead of devices being contained in "drop cards".

Removing ipinfo command

The ipinfo command, which was available in the Watchtower terminal, has been removed since its output was invalid and unnecessary in the first place.

Error queue Type column

We've made a small adjustment to the Error queue chapter, namely removing any spaces contained in the Type column. This will prevent issues when using any of the column's values as a filter.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • The Async requests chapter now properly shows which requests have failed.


🆕 Added

New field for general ledger exports

Order ID has been added as an option to fine-tune general ledgers exports.

Cookbook property for foreign currency

A new sub-variable has been added to cookbooks [Payment] variable. The new sub-variable is called [Payment.ForeignAmount]. This aligns with the addition made to the PushSalesOrder when it comes to accepting foreign currency (ForeignCurrencyID) and ForeignAmount on pushed sales orders.

Backend ID on price adjustment layers

Price adjustments now include an optional BackendID field.

✅ Improved

Settlement files

Adyen's settlement files are now matched checked against column names. Previously, EVA checking of settlement files was done by column order regardless title resulting in possible rejections of settlement file uploads.

Automatically updating UI after custom field changes

After updating a custom field for a payment type, the entered details will be visible without the need to refresh the page.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where printing would fail if an invoice/receipt print fails. In a checkout flow post payment, if the print receipt/invoice fails this will no longer impact the payment success.


✅ Improved

Return modal improvements

Several UI improvements have been made to the return modal in Admin Suite.

Price corrections for individual products

When using the Edit order icon in an order containing order lines with two or more units, you'll now see calculator functionality behind such lines. This 'calculator' icon provides an easy way to alter prices of individual units.

This feature is not available for return orders or orders that have already been returned.

The status of a return order is now displayed by means of a (colored) status label in the Related orders tab.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed an issue where Tap to Pay wasn't available in the Orders overview payments filters.


✅ Improved

Order overview columns

We've made several improvements to the columns in the Order overview and the Order details page for better accuracy and practicality.

Since they're not IDs that are displayed, we've removed the wording from the Order custom status and Order custom type columns. Furthermore, in the ODP's Orderlines tab, the Line action type column now displays names instead of its corresponding enum values. Additionally, we've adopted the better-known term "Carry out" in place of "Ship line".

Searching users

A search using the Attached to user field of an organization units Basic information, would only return users of type employee.


🆕 Added

Wishlist custom fields

The custom field chapter has been renamed from Custom user fields to Custom fields and now includes a new card called Wishlist custom fields to accommodate any wishlist configurations (if needed).

✅ Improved

Backend ID on cases

When creating or editing Cases the BackendID is now an optional field to be filled out. Previously, it was a mandatory field.


🆕 Added

Product sets new options

Add product search and Add products are new options available when adding Product sets as a discount action or condition.

Compliancy rule on promos

A new field called Compliancy rule has been added to a discounts General details.

🔧 Fixed

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  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to add coupons (step 6/6) to a discount with trigger type Generated coupons. This is no longer possible as it only applies to discounts with trigger type Coupons.


✅ Improved

Setting min and max values in Replenishment

We've made it easier to set your preferred min. and max. values per product (variation) in the Replenishment chapter. This requires no additional configuration.

For more information, please see Creating a replenishment.

Going through pages in Overview and mutations

The Overview and mutations chapter now keeps track of the pages you're navigating through, allowing you to go back and forth between them without having to specify the OU and/or product again.

Unit price when adding purchase order lines

We've made the logic surrounding the addition of purchase order lines in the Purchase orders chapter more consistent.

Expand to see details

The UnitPrice will now be filled from the price as available in the Purchase price list. If not available, it's set to the one available in the Cost price list. If that is not available either, it will default to zero.

Additionally, these prices will now depend on the Price property, instead of the current one PriceInTax.

🔧 Fixed

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Purchase order lines added in the Purchase orders chapter with a Unit price did not show the included VAT afterwards in the Unit price column in the Order lines card. This is now properly included in the mentioned column.
  • When printing full stock count labels the OU context will now be taken into account, which fixes a bug where users with permissions to more stores were unable to select a station.


🆕 Added

Pickup tab in Repairs

The Repairs chapter now features an additional tab for all tasks of (sub) type Pickup.

These kinds of tasks will only be displayed if you've configured them, as described in Pickup.