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Drop 72

May 27, 2024

πŸ”‘ Drop notes structure
Categories & sections

The drop notes follow a categorized structure. It starts with Core to highlight any core release notes from the last four core releases. Next, it covers Docs to highlight any newly added documentation pages or features on the documentation portal. If impacted in the release, you'll find general changes affecting multiple Apps, followed by specific changes for each App individually (e.g., Checkout, Loyalty, Tasks, CFD, etc.). Finally, it provides an alphabetical categorization in line with the modules available in Admin Suite (e.g., Control room, Financials, Orders, etc.), and within, any changes that took place.

Each category contains 3 sections: Added, listing any new features or functionalities; Improved, listing any changes made to an existing feature or functionality; and Fixed, listing any bug fixes addressed.

Order by impactfulness

Within each category, entries are listed in a way we think are most impactful to least.

No change = No notes

In some instances, a drop may include no changes for certain Apps, categories, or sections. In such cases, the corresponding part will not be shown in the notes.

Categories impacted by this drop

Core - All Apps - POS - Tasks App - Checkout App - Loyalty App - Admin Suite - Compliance - Control room - Finance - Orders - People - PIM - Promotions - Stock - Tasks

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New section: Core

From this Drop onwards, we will be sharing here as well some of the highlights from this release's Core drops (i.e. the last four Core drops).

πŸ†• Added​

New Data lake exports: Assortments & Repairs​

Since Core drop 2.0.735 you can optionally export Assortments from EVA, while Core drop 2.0.738 added Repairs as a default export from the EVA Data lake.

New extension point: GenerateUserCouponOnOrderReturn​

With Core drop 2.0.735 we introduced the GenerateUserCouponOnOrderReturn extension point, which allows you to generate new coupons for customer who are returning orders that included coupons.

Anti-Money Laundering Measures​

The UK compliance framework now adheres to anti-money laundering regulations.

βœ… Improved​

Preventing use of discounts for oneself​

We've done the back-end work for preventing users from adding discounts to orders which they themselves are attached to.

All Apps‍

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Resolved several visual and functional issues in Suite Apps when using the Login with PIN feature.

POS 2.112.x‍

πŸ†• Added​

Scanning customers in Local mode​

Customers can now be scanned and added to orders while in Local mode, with the conditions as specified in Core drop 2.0.731.

The POS now takes into account your configured External user search.

To that end, the Search customers overview screen will now display two sections: one for users residing in EVA and one for those in the external database. Additionally, when creating a new customer, a search will be done in the external database based on nickname and email address; if either already exists, a modal will popup to allow the customer to be imported and created in EVA.

βœ… Improved​

Configurable properties in Local mode​

While you could already select products with configurable properties and add them to your basket while in Local mode, it's now possible as well to select and alter such products after they've been added to the basket.

Adding a New Customer to an Order​

Once you add a new customer via the Create customer page, you're automatically returned to the main customer page. POS will now display this newly created customer in the overview under Newly created customer.

Selecting the newly created customer will enable an Add to Order button and more. This eliminates the need to search for the customer you just created.

Deletion of last line on paid orders​

To make the flow for deletion of order lines on paid orders consistent between the Apps, you can now delete the very last line on a paid order in POS as well. Doing so will display a message informing you about the already paid amount and the need to either refund or the addition of new products.

No cash drawer: Checkout without cash​

If an organization unit does not have a configured cash drawer, the Cash payment method option will not appear during the basket checkout flow.

Mail addresses for DGCs​

The addition and/or changing of email addresses for orders with digital gift cards has been improved. In short: EVA will now only show the email field on the Customer Facing Display when a giftcard is sold and only an email address is attached.

Additionally: we would like to advise you to set Customer:BlockChangeEmailAddress to true in order to lessen opportunity for fraud.


The way this functionality works is affected by how your settings are configured:

When App:CFD:IsPassive = true

  • Employees cannot ask customers to enter the e-mail address on CFD - Onboarding button is not enabled in POS
  • Customers cannot interact or change any details on CFD

When App:**CFD**:IsPassive = false

  • Employees can ask the customer to enter their e-mail address on CFD - Onboarding button is enabled in POS
  • Customers can interact with CFD and enter their details
  • EVA only displays the email field
  • Details on the CFD are also limited to the email address field

When Customer:BlockChangeEmailAddress = true

  • After the email address is entered for a customer, it cannot be changed anymore on either CFD or in POS

When Customer:BlockChangeEmailAddress = false

  • Email address can be changed on CFD and in POS

Enhanced return reasons modal​

Customer Return Reasons now appear in an expanded modal featuring scrolling and search capabilities.

Support for ZPL files​

The App now supports the (re)print service for ZPL files (shipping/consignor labels) and can send the request to the printer when one is configured. More on ZPL printers and configuration can be found here.

Pick a product discount list​

The user interface for the Select a Product discount action has been enhanced. It now supports displaying up to 100 products directly. For scenarios involving more than 100 products, a scanning option is now also possible to capture ones not on the UI list but are still part of the discount action.

Consistent email invoicing​

When emailing an invoice from POS, the new service as announced in Core drop 2.0.734 will now be used. This makes it functionally consistent with printing the other documents in checkout.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Resolved an issue that allowed users without rights to be elevated to open "cash drawer" or do a "refund order". This assumes a scenario where those two flows require elevation and where the setting Security:ElevatedFunctionalityProvider was set. More on elevation can be found here.

Tasks App 1.86.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Completing a C&C task cancels remaining products​

We've aligned the methods behind completing a Click & Collect task between Admin Suite and Tasks App: completing a C&C task with unpicked products will now cancel these remaining products and finish the entire task.

Additionally we've made some slight UI changes to make the flow more logical, such as only showing an Undo button for Picked and Cancelled items.

Checkout App 1.86.x‍

πŸ†• Added​

Support for ZPL files​

The App now supports the (re)print service for ZPL files and can send the request to the printer when one is configured. More on ZPL printers and configuration can be found here.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Resolved an issue that blocked users from deleting a discount from an order at checkout, which previously required elevation to be added.

Loyalty App 1.86.x‍

βœ… Improved​

Purchased Products in Customer Details​

We've made several enhancements to the Purchased Products section under Customer Details:

Expand to view enhancements
  • Renamed the section from All Owned Products to All Bought Products.
  • Added an option to specify a Purchase Date below the Serial Number field when recording a new purchase.

Admin Suite 0.44.x‍

πŸ†• Added​

Admin 1.0 Redirect​

As we phase out Admin 1.0, we've added a handy redirect for those who might still need access to the old platform. Find the "Need the old admin? Click here" link on the Admin Suite overview page for essential, justified access as we smoothly transition to the new era of Admin Suite. This step is part of concluding the switch off phase.

Visit our App deprecations for more details on the deprecation process.

Profile Modal​

A new Profile modal is now available.

πŸ†• UI improvements in Admin Suite​

We are progressively rolling out UI enhancements to the Admin Suite across various modules. These updates will include:

  • Improved design and clarity of headers, footers, and buttons on pages and modals.
  • More concise and clear instructional text.
  • Refreshed filter sidebars.

These updates will not alter existing features unless explicitly noted in a separate drop note under the affected module. We are implementing these changes primarily to improve overall consistency and user experience.

Each impacted module within the Admin Suite will display a notification. Click on this notification for more details about this UI update. Currently, only the following modules will prompt this notification:

Expand to view module names
  • Compliance
  • Control Room
  • Financials
  • Orders
  • PIM
  • Promotions

The chapters that have received UI enhancements in this drop include:

Expand to view chapter names


πŸ—ΊοΈ Compliance by country​

Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom

πŸ†• Added​

Auto generating PDF invoices for B2C sales​

Two new settings are now available to support automatic generation of PDF invoices for B2C sales. This impacts the following countries: Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The settings are called AllowConsumerInvoices and IgnoreConsumerInvoiceFiscalIDRequirement. More details can be found in the compliance docs each of those countries under Step 5: Settings for auditing provider and invoices.

Control room‍

πŸ†• Added​

Reasons Chapter Relocation​

The Reasons chapter previously found in the modules listed below has been consolidated and relocated to the Control Room module:

βœ… Improved​

Readability Stencil Helper editor​

The editor in a stencil's Helper tab will now treat and display its code as JS instead of HTML, making it easier to read.

Root-Level Settings Only​

Settings that can only be set at the root-level organization unit will now prompt a message stating this. The message states "[Setting name] can only be set on the root OU level" and will prevent saving the setting on any other OU level. If there is only one root-level OU available, it will be automatically selected.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Last refresh time from displaying in the Product Search Monitor.


πŸ†• Added​

Payment Methods Chapter Name Change​

The chapter Payment methods has been renamed to Payment configuration, with no impact on functionalities.

Datepicker and TaxCode filters in Tax management​

The filter in the Tax rates overview now also allows for filtering on StartDate, EndDate and a TaxCode.


πŸ†• Added​

Stock label selection for returns​

When Returning order lines, you can now select to what stock label the items in question should be returned to.

Quick (un)receiving of goods​

The Receive goods chapter overview now includes a new column allowing you to mark a shipment directly as being either fully received or unreceived.

Fulfillment OU in Orders overview​

The Orders overview now includes an optional Fulfillment organization units filter.

βœ… Improved​

Rename ID to Orderline ID​

The ID column contained in the details screen of a purchase order has been renamed to Orderline ID, clarifying what it pertains to.

Removed Chapter​

The following chapter has been removed from Admin Suite due to inactivity:

  • Order intervention

Custom field visibility in payments based on the settings OU(s)​

When making a payment on an order via the Orders Overview chapter, one that utilizes a custom payment method, with a linked Custom field. That field will now adhere to the settings specified in the settings card. The visibility of this custom field will now depend on the organization unit(s) defined in the settings card together with the selected OU in the chapters OU selector. Previously, the visibility of that custom field did not adhere to the selection made via the OU selector.


βœ… Improved​

Backend ID in Cases no longer required​

The Backend ID field is no longer required when creating a Case. For existing cases that already have a Backend ID, this field will be read-only or will show a dash if it is missing. Previously, entering a Backend ID was required during case creation and could be edited. This change enhances the consistency and traceability of cases imported from external systems.

πŸ”§ Fixed​

Expand to see fix(es)
  • Resolved a bug that incorrectly added a Customer ID to a case when none existed during an API CreateCase usage/push.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly tagged the UserType based on that of the role in both the Employee and API Users chapters. The correct UserType tags are now applied: 1 for Employee and 2048 for API user.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the Use script check box and Shipping method field from clearing when applicable in the User requirement sets chapter; they now properly deselect/clear when attempted.
  • Resolved an issue where a functionality check was not performed in the Cases Management chapter when applying the OU filter against the Cases:view funtionality.
  • Fixed a bug in the Cases Management chapter that allowed users with access to limited organization units (OUs) to view cases from all OUs.

πŸ†• Added​

A carousel is now available beneath the QR code display on the Product Information card, allowing navigation between all available QR codes (if applicable).

βœ… Improved​

The image card of a Products in the Products chapter now features a dedicated modal for displaying larger images. This enhancement also includes options to Copy URL of the image and Open in New Tab.


βœ… Improved​

Loyalty Programs​

The Loyalty Programs chapter has received various updates.

Expand to see updates
  • Updated fields and dropdown selections, including Options fields and various checkboxes.
  • New user interface design. For details, see UI Improvements in Admin Suite.

OU Set BackendID display​

In the General details card of a discount, the organization unit set field dropdown now shows the BackendID alongside each organization unit set name. Previously, only the name was displayed.

Custom field validation​

When you add a custom field to a discount for displaying specific information on your front ends, as detailed here, EVA will now validate the custom field requirements (if any) before proceeding to the next step.

Display of errors​

Certain types of errors when changing discounts, for example discounts with an already used actions, were not displayed. We've changed the way services (in Core drop 2.0.735) handle this and now display all kinds of errors clearly.


πŸ†• Added​

New columns Stock overview​

The Stock overview now boasts new columns, informing you of Cost, Sales price and Total amount.

Filtering on stock label​

The Stock overview screen in the Overview and mutations chapter now allows for filtering on Stock label.

βœ… Improved​

Removed Chapters​

The following chapters have been removed from Admin Suite due to inactivity:

  • Proposal
  • Recount

Sorting in Receive goods​

The Receive goods overview now allows for filtering on either ID or Expected delivery date by means of the 'arrow' icons in the column headers.

Status for every purchase order​

To make the status of each order clearer at a glance, we are adding a status for every stage of an order.

  • Open / Confirmed / Placed /Paid = blue
  • Shipped = yellow
  • Completed = green


πŸ†• Added​

Filtering products in Full stock counts​

The details page of Full stock counts in the Tasks module now allow you to filter on multiple products at once. Aside from searching products directly, you can paste comma-separated lists of products.

βœ… Improved​

Completing a C&C task cancels remaining products​

We've aligned the methods behind completing a Click & Collect task between Admin Suite and Tasks App: completing a C&C task with unpicked products will now cancel these remaining products and finish the entire task regardless of where you choose to do so.

Hiding the Bin icon in Print tasks​

The App:PrintTasks:HideDelete setting, introduced in Drop 68, now also hides the Ship from Store print tasks when set to true.